25 January 2015

Capitalism and Hybrid-Communism


Excellent insights here. Reading about Vietnam and looking at China I've often thought about the futility of the embargo. While Vietnam and China are hardly perfect open societies, they have vastly improved when compared to their condition in the 1970's. While the VC and NVA stopped the United States, today it's starting to look like the US model won the war.

Interesting changes. I'm not sure they're a good thing. But interesting.

The United States is also a far cry from perfect. I guess though from the standpoint of the geo-political strategists and the Capitalist Establishment, trade and contact prove more effective than threats.

However, I think Margolis missing the opportunity to point out that empires both need and want enemies. The Military-Industrial Complex thrives on fear and opposition.

From my standpoint, the Cuba issue has been dead for some time. The question was how to end it? How could the US end it without losing face?

As a Christian I couldn't care less about the US losing face, but I am interested to see how this will play out. What will happen when the Castro brothers are gone. Their days are most certainly of a very limited quantity.