09 February 2016

Sacral Orthodoxy and the Gatekeepers

It continues to amaze me that SermonAudio and other gatekeeper organisations will block those that question specific formulations of Sola Fide within the Reformation narrative, they'll all but block those who insist on a level of objectivity to the Covenant in the realm of Baptism and its efficacy. They will block those who argue the Scripture teaches some form of apostasy and who dare to pull out a myriad of texts that directly challenge the doctrine of Eternal Security...

But they will happily allow someone like Matthew Trewhella, a Theonomist who openly advocates the taking up of arms, encourages churches to form militias, and praises those who have murdered abortion doctors. His advocacy of violence and even murder are not deemed heretical. He's a proponent of orthodoxy and worthy of praise. His promotion of the Lesser Magistrate heresy is celebrated.

Likewise, I'm consistently amazed that Larry Pratt, president of Gun Owners of America is allowed to make the rounds in Christian circles. He's appeared on numerous radio shows and podcasts. How many realize Pratt also is more than happy to take the stage alongside White Supremacists and people affiliated with the Aryan Nations? And yet his views are not only accepted but deemed authoritative. I guess that his nationalist/gun narrative is rooted in racist heresy doesn't really matter. As long as he's willing to toe the Dominionist line, he's allowed in.

One has to wonder what is really and truly important to the Evangelical gatekeepers? What are their priorities? They seem pretty clear to me. They seek to control the narrative, the money and the power. Investigation, discussion, any challenge to the narrative is out of bounds. The truth has no part in their mission. It's not part of who they are and it shows. They're not interested in it unless it helps them meet their objectives. Ichabod.