16 September 2016

Dominionism's Road to Evangelical Orthodoxy


This is a long but excellent article that summarises Dominionist influence in the Christian Right. He articulates the difference between the Rushdoony wing and the Charismatic wing represented by Seven Mountains Theology. While there are direct connections that are missed he acknowledges the influence of the former on the latter and how the movement as a whole is able to incorporate a wide array of figures and movements.

I thought the article was well done, especially for someone who isn't a Christian. Usually the reporting becomes more confused as an outsider attempts to navigate the nuance, but that's not really the case here. It's not above critique but overall it was a refreshing read... though from a Christian perspective, the content is grievous and troubling.

The footnotes are also tremendous in that he provides many resource-links. I'm still working through them. For many readers of this site, the names and concepts are already familiar, though I have not bothered to focus much on the Charismatic wing of the movement. But even for those familiar with the spectrum, the article is a good summary and review.

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