23 January 2017

The European Right: Fascism, Islam and Israel


Fascistic Islam... that's rather interesting coming from the head of Austria's FPÖ. The Far-Right Freedom Party of Austria was founded (at least in part) by Anton Reinthaller an ex-Nazi official.

FPÖ which succeeded an earlier post-war, pro-Nazi group has made a few twists and turns over the years. Its present manifestation is the result of a realignment under the leadership of Jörg Haider, a child of Nazi parents and one who promoted a modernised version of their ideas.

Consistently Eurosceptic, the party has vacillated with regard to their position vis-à-vis the United States.

The recent rapprochement with Israel's Likud represents a very interesting trend in Euro-Right-wing politics. It is reminiscent of the relationship forged between Israel's Likud and Apartheid South Africa. Both find a great deal of commonality with classic Fascism. I say classic because the school that arose in Italy antedates and is significantly different than the racial and specifically anti-Semitic version that arose in Germany.

This aspect of their ideology is worth watching because it is at this point that a potential door opens to the American Evangelical embrace. While the Euro and American Far Right have long displayed Fascist tendencies, the US-based Evangelical Right has always balked at any forms of anti-Semitism. They have always rejected the Far Right's narratives about the Jews and have also rejected overt forms of Fascism that identify with the Third Reich... because of what happened to the Jews as well as their own American nationalism.

While Fascism is not inherently anti-Semitic, the hatred of the Jews has often played into Right-wing conspiracy theories with regard to global banking etc...

The latest versions of the Neo-Fascist Right wing seem to be turning away from 'the Jew' as the enemy and are instead focusing their rage on Islam.

Dispensationalism, the theology that has dominated Evangelicalism for the past century, venerates (if not deifies) the Jewish people and in particular the Zionist state which they erroneously believe is a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.

If the Euro-Right can embrace Israel on the basis of ideology and anti-Islamic sentiment... then that opens the door to a host of new possibilities and political re-alignments.

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  1. I think it will be more interesting to see what continues to happen with the Gypsies. Fear of Muslims and proclamations of outlawing, declaring war on, etc. radical Islam is many times posture to try and win elections and get control of parliament. But what these countries do with gypsies will be the litmus test. Hannah Arendt said the dark-side of nationalism and the nation-state is that now those who lack citizenship in a nation-state will become outside of the law, meaning they can basically be hunted, herded, and liquidated with impunity.

    I know we talked about PM Orban and the poor treatment of Hungary's gypsies. As right-wing nationalists and fascists get power, this will be a good indicator to follow what things will look like for those Muslim immigrants who become more ghettoized as they are ostracized from the public sphere.