23 September 2017

Trump +247: Mueller, the 9/11 Cover-up and the DNC Crisis

Robert Mueller is considered to be a man of integrity, of impeccable credentials and character. His appointment to investigate Russian involvement in the 2016 election was lauded by the Establishment political class, media and a great deal of the public.
And yet the same media is utterly failing to connect his name to the recent Saudi scandal that's been quietly making the news. It seems the media would rather this story just went away.
For years some of the families associated with the victims of 9/11 have been dissatisfied with the official investigation. With good reason they view it as insufficient, truncated and even corrupt.

Many angles of the 9/11 story were not investigated and many more received only a surface level consideration. The Saudi angle as some would have it has not been sufficiently considered and as the years have gone by numerous investigations and inquiries seem to point to Riyadh playing no small role in the attacks. Many believed this to be the case even in the fall of 2001.
Saudi politics have always been confusing and the relationship of the extensive royal family with jihadist groups has always been a present danger but murky and difficult to grasp. On the one hand there's a real antagonism between the House of Saud and groups like al Qaeda. On the other hand the Saudis have provided extensive funding for the spread of Wahhabism and they certainly played no small part in funding some of the Mujahideen groups in 1980's Afghanistan. Some of these same figures (including but not limited to bin Laden) would be instrumental in the founding of al Qaeda.
This part of the story isn't all that controversial. Where it becomes problematic for many is that the US and all too often Israel have been right there, right alongside Riyadh in backing these various projects. US intelligence continues to struggle in distancing itself from the founders and initial characters surrounding the founding of al Qaeda and even some of the important figures that later affiliated with the Taliban. You can be sure the media has done all it can to facilitate the re-crafting of the narrative.
The so-called 9/11 families were always suspicious of Riyadh. It's understandable considering the fact that 15 of the 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. Investigations have shown that Saudi diplomats and intelligence were in contact with some of these men and even high ranking figures like Ambassador Prince Bandar were involved in funding them.
The thing is, the connections point not only to the Saudis but to American intelligence... both the FBI and the CIA. These terrorists were facilitated. The story of their entry and surveillance is more than a little remarkable. There were agents that were on to them but they were silenced and set aside. The scale of the 9/11 cover-up ranges far beyond some Saudi connections to the hijackers.
Some believe this is all about money, the connections between the Bush family and the House of Saud. Michael Moore and others have intimated as much. But that can't be the whole story. That might explain some of the cover-up, though such an explanation is hardly sufficient.
It does not explain the way in which these men were facilitated by the FBI in the days leading up to 9/11. The CIA angle is also worth looking into and is potentially vast and certainly more than a little suspicious.

Mueller as head of the FBI played a leading role in the suppression of the 9/11 investigation. If there is a cover-up, as indeed I and many others believe there to be, then Mueller is one of the chief perpetrators. Mueller at this point must be reckoned a top figure (or more likely an actor/agent) within the Deep State. His task vis-à-vis the 9/11 investigation was to obscure the hijacker's connections to US intelligence and to deflect any investigation of the Saudi's.
For those that have sought to peel back the layers of deception surrounding 9/11 and its cover-up, Mueller is undoubtedly reckoned one of the great villains of the whole affair. To reckon him a man of integrity is laughable... if such things can be laughed at.
The fact that he was selected to investigate supposed Russian manipulation of the US election is more than a little interesting. The ironic part is this... those who question 9/11 are deemed conspiracy theorists. And yet the whole Putin/Trump/Wikileaks narrative which Mueller will supposedly uncover is... a conspiracy theory and yet one without merit.
All too often conspiracy theories are rooted in conjecture and inference based on circumstantial evidence. That they all too often err does not discount the reality of a conspiracy. It's simply that there are too many gaps in knowledge or often false assumptions driving the inference.
The Ockham's Razor reductionist method of focusing purely on so-called brute facts also proves insufficient to postulate unifying theories and in fact is often hostile to the attempt.
For a conspiracy theory to be plausible the inference has to make sense in light of the larger context and what can hopefully be described as overwhelming circumstantial evidence. It's akin to and often is criminal in nature. There has to be motive and intent. There has to be some benefit in terms of the outcome. These questions do not guarantee a correct answer or an accurate interpretation of events but they are at the very least necessary to employ the inference that is at the heart of all such inquiries and investigations.
The Russian narrative with regard to the 2016 US presidential election fails this most basic of tests. The motives and outcome of the supposed conspiracists fails on all fronts. I'm speaking politically at this point. Profits and dirty business deals (of which there is some evidence) cannot be entirely divorced from politics, but the motives, means and desired outcome are often quite different.
There a host of narratives being spun about Trump and the nature of his administration. Once again I would argue the proper way to understand these events is in terms of an Establishment internecine battle. The present political struggle is not about an embattled Establishment at war with an insurgent rogue power. Rather I view it as a battle of intramural factions and yet undoubtedly some of those factions view this struggle as existential... or it is in their tactical interest to cast it thus.
The DNC is in a state of crisis. It has turned to the media, to Hollywood and entertainment figures and to conspiracy theories to explain the election. The results of the 2016 election have discredited their narrative about the United States, what it is and what direction it is heading. Are they that different from Trump? The answer is a resounding 'no' and while they grandstand for the cameras in decrying his thuggish buffoonery they have offered little political resistance to his agenda.
Hillary Clinton is trying to salvage her legacy. Her defeat in 2016 discredited her life-narrative and historical legacy. She was to go down in history as the great pioneer in modern American politics. Obama stole some of her thunder. Her subsequent defeat at the hands of Donald Trump has completely discredited her. Corrupt, plastic and probably self-deceived she has turned in desperation to a grand conspiracy theory in order to justify her loss. As she sees it, she is not a defeated politician but the victim of a crime. It would seem that in her distorted mind she is only one tier below the assassinated Kennedy brothers. Hers is a great administration stolen, a tragic 'what if' that will haunt American political history.
But it's all nonsense of course as are the often contrived Kennedy narratives. The two slain brothers are intriguing figures to be sure, complicated and yet hardly the virtuous paragons they are often made out to be. They represented possibility and yet the change in their character came too late.
Clinton has also changed and shifted in her outlook but in quite the opposite direction. She is not the 'liberal' woman many took her to be in the 1990s. And yet she has only grown more deeply entrenched and tied to the US Establishment. She ranks high on the list of corrupt politicians and she utterly lacks the charm and personal connection that many colourful political figures have possessed. She can't even compete with her husband. Odious to be sure he is nevertheless a masterful politician.
The dirty secret of modern democracy is that it has little to do with objective consideration of issues. Some people vote for tribal factions and some vote on the basis of personality. The latter are the folks who are most easily manipulated by the Madison Avenue types and the camera-work of television producers and directors.
The Democrats who were once perceived to have stood for the working class have been exposed. Generations of betrayal and the breaking of the trade unions have destroyed that old base that helped put them into office for several decades. They still command a great deal of the minority vote but their grip is not as solid as it once was and social disintegration has led to a great deal of apathy. Figures like Hillary Clinton are not capable of stirring the disengaged masses to participation.
The truth is that Hillary Clinton has long been hated by a huge section of the electorate. The DNC has lost vast portions of its base. The Democrats have embraced sexual perversion and identity politics and yet have done so while moving to the Right in terms of economics and militarism. The Left is beginning to peel off and the Right has moved even farther to the Right leaving no Centrists or working class sector who would still vote democratic or possible consider swinging that direction in a tight contest. We are left with two Right-wing parties...a  Centre-Right and a Far Right.
The US Establishment has been concerned with the direction the Far Right has headed. It has clearly taken the government into a position of being unable to govern. It is generating too much chaos and dysfunctionality. In 2016 the bulk of the US Establishment was invested in the DNC and Hillary Clinton. Please understand the bulk of the Establishment is really above the political factions. Much of that is just theatre for the masses. The pseudo-political war between the Red and the Blue also spawns vast sums of money and creates occasions to generate and launder even more.
The Clinton defeat created a crisis because it signalled that many assumptions that have dominated for more than a generation have collapsed. The Trump victory signalled not just a crisis for the 2016-2020 political cycle, but a looming threat of social unrest. The Establishment fears the masses and if the working class starts to unite they are in trouble. Seeds of distrust and fear must be sown. Identity politics divides the populist street. Discrediting Trump will not only hinder his agenda and ability to be effective but it will keep the street divided. People will focus on events like Charlottesville and Trump's foolish comments rather than the real issues that place this society, even this civilisation in danger.
The Establishment is banking on the fact that the generals can restrain him from disastrous war. Mueller's task will be to expose enough of the obvious corruption within his family and organisation to leave him paralysed. Mueller is the Establishment's Sword of Damocles, an ever present threat.
Like Kenneth Starr, he will continue to dig and gather dirt, whether related or not. With Trump the pile of refuse will be all but endless and he will likely generate as many problems in trying to cover up his deeds as the actual acts and problems themselves.  
Mueller's placement remains an ongoing threat to Trump... and yet it's one that may not work as Trump seems all too often divorced from reality. Obstruction of justice is as likely to bring him down as anything else. His own hubris and attempts to cover his tracks will further destroy what little integrity he has left. Eventually someone like Mueller will be able to issue a report and say almost whatever he wants. The political class will believe it, because they want to.
If they can restrain him... good. If he self-destructs... that's okay too.
If he wages war that's also a fine thing. No one in ruling circles has a problem with US militarism. What they don't like it was it's done unilaterally and without utilising the proper mechanisms that proved plausibility, cover and a right narrative. I am certain there are some that are very concerned about what's happening with regard to North Korea and rightly so. They are not opposed to war but how it is being set up and prosecuted.
In the meantime the Establishment will continue to spin out the narrative that the country was undermined by dark foreign influences. A new Cold War, a new age of McCarthyism is upon us. Censorship, often voluntary has returned with a vengeance. The corrupt moguls who dominate the media and the neo-media centers of Silicon Valley are part of this re-tooling of American society. Even the Trump interlude is being used to re-shape the Internet and to bolster the surveillance state. It's not that hard when millions are apparently more than willing to not only to reject any notions of privacy but are eager to give up their biometric data to the realm of cyberspace and its corrupt and incompetent guardians.
Mueller is no man of integrity. He is a shill for the powers that be. His evident lack of virtue and honesty has no power to render judgment as to what Trump is or is not. These are all evil people. Some seem to be fooled into thinking that there are some 'good' folks who make it into these positions of power.
Mueller will investigate Manafort who is obviously a corrupt businessman if not something else. He actually looks more like a CIA connected figure to me. His history and placement within the Trump campaign raises some very interesting questions... as does the timing of his departure.
Yet thus far the evidence surrounding Manafort seems to actually exonerate Trump and his campaign, a point the media seems unwilling to acknowledge. Did Trump's people go after dirt on the Clinton's? Of course they did and so did the Clinton's. Are they tied in with corrupt business people in Ukraine and Russia? Yes. So are the Clinton's. Are these people tied in with the political powers within Ukraine and Russia? Of course.
But once again the notion that the Putin collaborated with Trump and Assange and that it was these leaks and some ads taken out on social media that somehow stole the election and led to Clinton's loss... is absurd. The evidence is not there and thus far the policies of the Trump administration do not support this. If this were the case then Putin must be seething. It's a betrayal on the order of the Kennedy double-cross of Sam Giancana and the mafia. But I doubt anyone wants to revisit that chapter of history.
In a way Mueller's position is both interesting and ironic. All the events of the present, the discussions about leaks, media, wars, politics, Russia etc.... all rest on the foundation created by 9/11.
And so now the investigator of corruption is one of the guardians who continues to protect that fortress of lies upon which the new order has been built. For if 9/11 were to come undone the Orwellian regime wed to the War on Terror narrative would collapse.
It is therefore appropriate that Mueller continues in his role as guardian and the media will do all it can to make him out as a man of integrity.
When in reality he is already known as one who is utterly lacking character, an obstructor and facilitator of mass murder. He can claim no moral superiority vis-à-vis someone like Trump...and you can be sure Trump knows it.
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