21 September 2015

NPR Continues Downward Slide

Or as my wife puts it- Dingy Chicks and Gay Men are Taking Over

Something has changed in the culture of NPR. For a long time PBS and NPR represented the only serious mainstream news outlets. This is not to suggest all of their programming was serious but their flagship shows certainly were.

NPR has changed the 'tone' of their programmes. All Things Considered has replaced sober anchors like Melissa Block with the pseudo-hip Audie Cornish. There's a lack of gravitas and an apparent lack of knowledge in the interviews and interactions. Apparently they're trying to reach a wider and perhaps younger audience. Robert Seigel who has run the afternoon show for sometime is apparently fading away as now they are introducing two new anchors. And with this introduction, I will be all but signing off.

I cannot stand listening to Cornish but now with the introduction of the sodomite Shapiro, it's just too much.

Maybe it's a generational issue, maybe I'm becoming a curmudgeon but I cannot stand listening to effeminate men...whether sodomite or not. Their voices have become ubiquitous in our culture. It's bad enough that I have to hear them every time I step outside. In addition, I can't bear to listen to uptalk and people who begin sentences with 'So'... and they're not using it in the sense of 'thus'.

Mark Zuckerberg is the perfect example of someone that I cannot bear to listen to. His whole demeanor and speech pattern grate on me. In my day (yes, I'm taking on the curmudgeonly tone) he would have been beat up just for comporting himself like that.

Does this happen with every generational change? I don't doubt it does to some degree but there's something particularly degenerate afoot with the Millennial Generation coming into its own. Our decadent culture's days are numbered.

I pray that my love does not grow cold.