24 September 2015

The Heritage Foundation and the Military-Industrial Complex


This is hardly a real shocker but it does aid in exposing the corrupt nature of Think Tanks and provide some insight into how they function within the larger system. The Heritage Foundation is one of the worst. It has quite a record of blood on its hands. Hundreds of thousands of people have died as a result of their policies being implemented.

Heritage is or at least has been connected to some of the most sinister clandestine elements at work in the US government... the outsourced privatised elements that sought to restore and retain the power of the Unitary Executive in the post-Watergate era leading up to their great coming out party that was 9/11.

It is a factory of lies and deceptions. It shouldn't be a surprise but I still reel at the thought of a Reformed (PCA) member heading it. The Doctrines of Grace have been perverted and become a license for evil deeds. The charge that Calvinism breeds Antinomianism has proved true in this instance. I suppose under DeMint's leadership we can rightly call it The Heretic Foundation.

The Think Tanks are a tool in the hands of the Establishment. They are but one aspect of a large multi-faceted arsenal employed to manipulate and maintain control.

I was so disappointed recently to pick up a book on North Korea and within the first few pages the author quotes a Heritage Foundation document.

Blind squirrels sometimes get acorns. It's hard to exaggerate the wrongs of North Korea but I'm immediately suspect of the motives when the study cited comes from Heritage, Hudson or Hoover... or Brookings for that matter.

While there's nuance within the Establishment Circle and internalised civil war to be sure... they all agree on the basics of the paradigm, they all support the evil that is the American system.

With regard to Brookings... they're lost people. What do you expect?

But there's something much more insidious afoot, something more sinister, something more spiritually corrupt when multitudes of Christians labour to advance the agendas of the conservative think-tanks with all their covetous exploitation, theft and militaristic murder.

And how many Christians work for Lockheed or own its stock?