03 May 2016

Evangelical Femininity and Power


It's people like this that make me ashamed to say I'm a Christian or a homeschooler. I always feel like I have to say, "I'm a Christian, but..."

I know so many people like this that on one level we 'seem' to share the same sort of values and ideals but in reality we're on different planets.

The reasons we do what we do are totally different and in the end our understanding of terms like 'Christianity' and 'Scriptural Authority' are totally different. In many cases I'm sorry to say we actually serve different Gods and read different Bibles.

Humility, modesty, sobriety, shamefacedness... These are qualities to look for in a Christian woman. This woman is of a different spirit. She is after power and protecting the system that enriches her and grants her a standard of living she cherishes.... even if it's at the expense of others. I cringe when I think of her children...her daughters.

Such an ideal knows no ethic apart from the end justifies the means. It's dog eat dog and if anyone criticises your treasure chest... destroy them.

Even when I partially agree with her my reasons are totally different, driven and governed by different motives. The Christian Right can criticise Feminism all they want. It's alive and well in their circles, just in a different guise and they are totally blind to it.



  1. It's not only this woman but the lengths to which her followers will go that concern me, such as "doxing" - or revealing personal information about - her "enemies" (i.e. those who criticize her) or setting up fake social media profiles in order to disseminate abusive and misleading tweets.

    The incident involving Tara Dozier shocked me. All she did was re-tweet something this woman said and it culminated in her losing her job, because this evil woman's followers took it upon themselves to repeatedly call the human resource department at Dozier's place of work in order to demand that she be sacked. Then they resorted to posting naked pictures of her on the internet? Calling her at home and issuing death threats? Normal people don't do this.

    What's ironic about all this is that these people are engaged in the very things they believe a totalitarian police state does. In a uniquely dialectical fashion, it seems that those most likely to erect a fascist dictatorship in the United States are those who vociferously claim to most enthusiastically defend its antithesis: personal freedom, small government, low taxes and a divinely-inspired constitution.

    1. Ian Kershaw wrote a book called "The Hitler Myth" which argued that there was a totalitarian ethos that invaded German minds. It wasn't that the Fuhrer issued commands for all the atrocities that occurred, but people began to act in anticipation. People would say "What would the Fuhrer expect of me? What would he want to do for Deutschland? How can I honor my nation, my blood, and my leader?" It's this atmosphere that contributed to the Nazification of the country, not only the brutal police-state the Nazis instituted. It tapped into German psyche.

      I see this woman's effect as something similar. In fact, its the end-goal of American Nationalism, and it will be curious if it is Trump, if not someone else, who end up channeling this blind absurdity.