10 November 2016

The Domestic Consequences of German Militarism (Part 2)

Once again German militarism comes with a cost to domestic society, privacy and free speech. Don't think for a moment this won't affect the press and a host of other issues.

Militarism drives the state into the mode of fear... fear of enemies and fear as a tool to keep the populace in line.

Notice the quote... the BND must be active in detecting 'early threats to the domestic and external security of Germany'.

The external security? What has happened that Germany has created external threats and feels the need to hunt down enemies outside its borders? And when did Germany start down this road? As a nation, it's been on the path for some time but the breaking point has come in recent years as it has become very clear that Germany is the ascendant power in the EU framework. The Brexit has only emphasised this point.

Germany speaks of its 'role' and 'leadership' and thus the necessity of further international participation and intervention. This translates into military expansionism. These euphemisms mask the reality of power and especially within a Capitalist framework. Efficiency and expansion are necessary for profitability. New markets must be opened and secured. NATO adventurism reaps profits and rewards. If you want a stake in the game you have to participate, you must invest. For Germany the choice is plain... stagnation and eventual replacement by France... or a new paradigm... a new-old paradigm.

Germany's economic success based on the Capitalist model has necessitated a return to imperialism. It's the natural progression.

It comes at a bad time when Europe is volatile and the risks are great. This is how it begins.

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  1. I find it stunning that Neo-German militarism is already so entrenched that von der Leyen is the one coming under fire. The fact that false flag racist attacks are being exposed with connection to the German military is apparently less of a big deal than a defense minister failing to demonstrate proper deference. Yikes.