29 June 2017

Hersh, Trump and the Chemical Attack in Syria

Even as reports are being made that Syria is planning another chemical attack accompanied by White House threats, the American media refuses to acknowledge this latest piece by Seymour Hersh.
Fake news is whatever fails to fit the official narrative. After breaking the story of Abu Ghraib, the US media has now turned completely against Hersh. He's angered them before but his reporting on the lies and open questions surrounding the bin Laden assassination was beyond the pale.

The true story with regard to Syria cannot be told. It runs the risk of starting a chain-reaction... connecting events which would expose the real US agenda. The present chaos within the Middle East harks back to policies being set in place in the late 1980s, in the dying days of the Cold War.
Today Ronald Reagan is a conservative saint in the GOP pantheon. But in the latter part of his term, there were forces within the US Establishment that were very uneasy about his turn toward Moscow. Plans were set in place to secure US supremacy through modification of the Constitution, continuity of government and a plan for endless war. The latter part of the plan has moved through various phases and has been tweaked and modified more than once. Syria is but one of the latest chapters.
The Hersh story is not all that surprising and yet it raises more questions than it answers. What is going on? What is the US doing in the Middle East? What is the US relationship with Islamist paramilitaries? What is the real meaning of 9/11 and the domestic and geopolitical changes that rest on its narrative?
What is the Trump policy? Who knows? At the end of March it was one thing and a week later he had completely reversed... and it had nothing to do with evidence of a Syrian chemical attack.
Of course ultimately the Establishment media hates Hersh and this story in particular because it exposes in rather dramatic fashion their utter failure to investigate the story. They may be pro-sodomite in their social politics but the Main Stream Media is in the end a tool of Wall Street and a cheerleader for the Pentagon. Leftist doesn't really describe them.

They have no interest in the truth. The very people that are looked to and considered bastions of respect and trust are in reality some of the greatest enemies of Western society.


  1. One thing that stuck out for me in the Hersh story is the narratival shift by all the advisers interviewed about how this is, as one called it, all a "Trump show". They push responsibility off of themselves and direct it towards Trump as the megalomaniac with the trigger. But this can't possibly be true. If Trump is so stupid to be completely dependent on main-stream media for his updates, then it's not clear why it wasn't until recently he has pivoted towards an anti-Assad position. The propaganda machines have been churning story after story, image after image, about Assad's brutality. It wasn't about party loyalty either, as Trump openly contradicted Pence's, and most of the GOP's, policy about Russia and Syria.

    I don't know what's going on. The primary narrative is that Trump is just a dope, and that may in fact be true, but the inept king is still jockeyed by different factions of courtiers. Even if Trump isn't himself playing a complicated game, navigating establishment factions, he is still the piece that needs to be moved. Are these critics of Trump not aware of deeper machinations within his cabinet? Are they merely unaware or partisans, feeding Hersh a particular story about Trump's belligerence, part of a domino-game towards toppling him (whether actually, through impeachment, or binding his survival to the will of the neo-Liberal establishment faction)? There's a lot of this story that doesn't add up.

    1. Obviously there are things going on that have yet to be revealed. If he lasts until the 2018 mid-term, there will undoubtedly be the normal shake-ups that happen in its wake. Some of the disgruntled and defectors will start to talk and that might get the information flowing. At this point I tend to lean toward my Establishment Civil War idea. I think Washington is in turmoil.

      I am also reminded of events surrounding the 1971 Bangladesh War which started out as an East Pakistani/Bengali uprising against West Pakistan but quickly drew in India and ran the risk of flaring into a wider conflict.

      During the various machinations and confrontations the Nixon-Kissinger White House was all but at war with the State Department. From Amb. Keating in India to the famous Blood in Dacca... and his Telegram, it was but one episode illustrating that at times the divisions with government can become pronounced. There are the party battles... sometimes real, sometimes not... there are battles for control of an individual party... and then there are the battles between independent-leaning Executives and the Establishment bureaucracy. The Imperial Presidency came undone under Nixon. In the process of steering US policy toward China which thrilled Wall Street, Nixon and Kissinger also engaged in some pretty reckless behaviour that caused a lot of turmoil. A lot of people died because of their little calculations.

      The Imperial Presidency was re-born in earnest under GW Bush. The unprecedented powers granted in the wake of 9/11 have now pushed it to the point of crisis... and that was BEFORE Trump came into office.

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