29 April 2015

Remembering 30 April 1975: Dick Cavett, Billy Graham and John Kerry


I enjoyed watching this overview of Vietnam with a special focus on Dick Cavett and his guests. None of it was really new but I am always struck by seeing the segment with John Kerry. In this case he was taking on Herb Klein who was there to represent the Nixon administration.

All I can say about Kerry is that he's the epitome of a sell-out. That's what I think of every time I hear him today. With regard to Vietnam he's talking about Imperialism and comparing US soldiers to Germans.

And rightly so. The more I look into Vietnam and how it played out, the more I am offended at people who parade their participation in it.

Today, John Kerry sounds just like Klein. It's amazing to think that 40 years later he would become the very thing, the very policy and type of person he was critical of. What a wasted life. I increasingly believe people learn nothing from history and in fact very little from their own lives. I used to think that older people would have pearls of wisdom to share, the jewels of reflection. There are a few, but precious few I think. Most people just seem to go with the flow. Many seem to just repeat the mantras of their day and not a few revise their own pasts.

Billy Graham also appears in this documentary and in light of his overall career and his pandering to presidents, especially Nixon, I think history should rightly judge him as a dupe and fool. Church historians if the Bible is at all their concern would rank him as one of the most destructive forces in the 20th century... Easy Believist Ecumenicism and Militant Nationalism. What a great combination. What a great legacy. In the 50's and 60's Evangelicals didn't need the Christian Right, they had Billy Graham.

Of course who can forget this:

It's all the more sick when you consider what Nixon really was and what he was really doing. No doubt Nixon turned to those 'great spiritual sources' of greed, power and vengeance as he plotted his agenda. And let's not forget manipulation as he used everyone he could including Graham.

And for those how might think that this PBS video is 'liberal', think again. It's all softballs. If someone wanted to paint Vietnam in a bad light, they missed their chance. Even the apologists like Wesley Clark, Kissinger, Haig, Graham and Goldwater all admit to some extent that it was a fiasco. Of course in Goldwater's case, he's just bitter they didn't drop more bombs. We can literally thank God that man never had his finger on the button.

But again out of all the items in the documentary it is John Kerry that is most striking. What a sell out. Goldwater called Ellsberg a Benedict Arnold. Conservatives consider the 1970's Kerry a traitor. I think more of the Kerry today when I think of that term. Not a traitor to America. I couldn't care less about that. No Christian should. Our citizenship is in heaven, you cannot split your allegiance. We serve the Truth and testify to it regardless of what Babylon or Caesar think about the issue.

Kerry is a traitor to his ideals and his own integrity. Apart from Christ they had no meaning and so what's he left with? A dream of a better Babylon. He was seduced and compromised.