11 April 2015

The Czechs Score a Very Minor Point Against the Empire

If it's actually supposed to be about commemorating World War II then excluding Russia is nothing less than a travesty.

Everyone gets angry when these events are politicized but that's exactly what the US is doing. Apparently the Czechs aren't behaving like proper NATO subjects and subordinates and so it was thought they needed some correction.

I think the Czech response is only right and proper. If more countries would stand up to the United States and put their unbelievable hypocrisy on display for all to see... the world would be a better and frankly more peaceful place.

Not everyone accepts the American narrative. It's self-serving, corrupted and often an outright lie. That's what empires do. It's nothing new.

Ultimately despite the roar of applause in many quarters, it's basically just a show. The Czechs will score a public point but it will only go so far. They're a little country and will be unwilling to face American wrath. The Empire regularly weathers these little affronts, but the state department keeps tabs and keeps the big picture in mind.

The US is still miffed over the Czech withdrawal from an already dubious US missile system but the Czechs are also trying to play it safe and see which way the wind blows. They're still cutting deals with the United States, selling hardware to private contractors and the Pentagon which can then be re-sold by the United States to other regimes such as Iraq and Colombia. But apparently the Czechs also recently irritated the US by trying to sell some jets to Bolivia. The US worked to block this transaction. They love to collaborate in the building of the hardware. US "Defense" contractors are utilized in conjunction with foreign policy aims. They work with the foreign country, install maybe some avionics, an engine or something that gives them partial control of future sales. That way they can attach contract conditions and prevent the country from selling anything to regimes the US doesn't like.

Bolivia turned to the Chinese instead and of course that also plays into the US narrative that Bolivia is an enemy and seeking to work with American foes. This gives the United States justification for placing troops and hardware in Paraguay, to keep a loaded gun pointed at the regime of Evo Morales.

The world's leaders and intelligentsia know the score. They see these things. The information is out there. Even movies like "The International" and "Syriana" try to demonstrate in simple Hollywood-style terms how these things play out. And yet those articles and books go unread and those movies end up flopping. The public just doesn't care and at the end of the day there are so many people plugged into this massive machine that they don't want to see it fail or harmed in any way. The best policy and the one they live by is very simple...

Don't ask questions. Just keep working and pumping money into that 401k. There's a mortgage to pay and putting the kids through college isn't getting any cheaper.

If a bunch of people are being killed and governments being overthrown because of the machine that my company is part of... don't bother telling me.

And these same people cry foul when attacked and protest their innocence when accused. And the so-called liberal media in the United States is sure to take the side of the government. How dare these petty Czech peons question the integrity and motives of the great and munificent United States?