14 May 2015

Dispensationalism and 14 May 1948

Today is practically a holy day on the Dispensational calendar. Based on their misunderstanding of Christ's Olivet Discourse, they think part of Matthew 24 was fulfilled on this day in 1948.

Based on their understanding 'The Rapture' could not have occurred before this date and thus Jesus could not have returned before at least 1955.
No group preaches imminency with such fervour and yet they don't really believe in it. Were Zionist Israel to cease to exist, then they don't believe Christ could return. This is based on their flawed understanding of Daniel 9, the Seventy Weeks and the 'Temple' in the New Testament.
Rejecting the preeminent authority of the New Testament they misread the Old and then as a consequence also misread the New. It's a vicious cycle.