30 May 2015

Hastert's Finale and Wheaton's Shame

I suppose the 'Dennis Hastert Center for Economics, Government and Public Policy' at Wheaton College may have to consider a name change.

It's amazing how many of these guys who went after Clinton and decried his immorality were themselves embroiled in scandal and the suppression of their own immoral behaviours and past conduct.

The fall of individuals is not something to celebrate but there is something darkly poetic about these people that built up personal empires and then live to see it all collapse. How they must despair. Hastert's fall may prove especially severe.

Hastert was long praised for his integrity. I've always considered him to represent anything but that. I think his post-Congressional career demonstrates that clearly in case anyone had any doubts. He is a classic case of a corrupt politician that sells his contacts and influence to the highest bidders.

And now to learn he's some sort of closet sodomite... well, once again no one damages the Church like the enemies within its midst.

What a disgrace that Wheaton would name a think-tank after this person. Will they feel shame as they scramble to change the name and erase the past? I guess Newt Gingrich did not and apparently the many Christians who supported him weren't bothered either. Christians are quick to forgive their own and make excuses while they are merciless when it comes to their enemies.

As I've said before, can you even imagine if Chelsea Clinton had turned up pregnant while a teenager? I don't even have to try very hard to here Dobson's voice railing against the little 'slut' and the immorality of the Clinton family.

And yet when Sarah Palin's daughter does it, no one wants to talk about the immorality of what she did. Instead she's praised because she 'kept' the baby etc... Somehow she comes out of it being more virtuous and her mother? No shame or stain.

Do they think no one sees?

Forgive yes, but frankly I don't see a lot of repentance.

Do people not understand the enemy is not only without but within? The enemies inside are the greater threat.