09 May 2015

Selling the Warfare State

It seems rather convenient that just as the NSA programme is being questioned by the judiciary, forcing the so-called Patriot Act to be reviewed, there is a sudden threat of ISIS cells in the United States.

Not relying merely on a spokesperson, or even the press secretary of the White House, James Comey the director of the FBI was tapped to speak out on this point. His credentials are above suspicion. His credibility in the public's eyes is above any political bias.

Now the public will largely support this next chapter of war and the pundits will argue the Patriot Act needs to be extended, and the NSA needs to do its work.

The former Eastern Bloc states couldn't have managed it so smoothly.

And each new phase of the 'war' is certain to help set-up the following chapter.


1 comment:

  1. Just to clarify...

    I'm not suggesting ISIS is a US project, just that the US machine is exploiting the circumstances. Just wanted to make that clear. There are others who suggest otherwise.