04 October 2015

CBS and the Media's Coverage of the Syrian War

CBS likes to run their little advert promoting themselves and talking about values such as honesty and integrity. Truly it's a video more appropriate for the likes of a comedy channel or some kind of Fallon skit. CBS whether represented by Scott Pelley, Charlie Rose or Nora O'Donnell is little more than a mouthpiece for the Establishment.

When you consider the amount of money these people rake in and the crowds they associate with, can we really expect they're going to be critical of the system and honest in their reporting if the truth results in a challenge to the Corporate Establishment they represent?

The recent coverage regarding Russia's involvement in Syria couldn't possibly make this clearer. Russia is killing civilians with their bombing in Syria and CBS is eager to show the footage even while acknowledging they are unsure of the actual sources of the bombs. This was preceded by clips of Charlie Rose's absurdly biased interview with Putin. We're supposed to be moved as he and O'Donnell shake their heads in disgust at Putin's words and deeds. Putin's just so bad and deceptive and America is of course so good. America never schemes or lies. America never sides with tyrants or governments that destroy human rights. Isn't that right Charlie Rose? He's certainly enjoyed interviewing Henry Kissinger on numerous occasions but never shakes his head in disgust when in the presence of that war criminal and wanted man.

It has been rightly pointed out by a few that this whole Syrian mess began with Bush's 2003 invasion of Iraq, a war very much supported by the media establishment. I don't recall anyone at CBS daring to speak out in opposition, at least in the initial stages. It was only when the fiasco reached an almost unbelievable magnitude and in light of continuing scandals that a few started to question the administration narrative, but even that was paltry. During the lead-up to the war in 2002, the mainstream media did all it could to promote the lies of the regime. Even 'liberal' MSNBC fired Donahue during the lead up to the invasion for daring to question the official narrative.

Russia is intervening in Syria for numerous reasons but one that CBS will not even broach is the reality that the collapse of Assad (who at this point controls maybe ¼ of the country) will lead to a significant escalation in combat, civilian deaths and undoubtedly refugees. Some are calling the fall of Western Syria a genocide waiting to happen. The Druze in the south are already learning the consequences of Assad's fall. They opposed him but before long will wistfully look back on his days in power as a time of stability.

Woe to those who take up the sword and unleash the dogs of war. There are not a few fools in this country who are eager to do the same and we will all pay a terrible price.

Assad is desperate to retain control over the western coastal regions where most of the Alawites and 'Christians' live and keep the corridor open to Damascus. The fall of Damascus is the signal that the regime has collapsed and Syria will face partition. And that may be the end-result that's coming. If so, Russia wants to play its part and make sure Western Syria is protected. Their motives aren't pure either but again no worse than any other player.

There's nothing that makes American conservatives angrier than to treat other nations as morally equivalent with the United States. I don't. In terms of foreign policy the United States is much worse than the majority of other nations and that would include Russia under Putin. Is he a thug, a murderer, a criminal? So are those who sit atop the Corporate, Political and Military hierarchy of the American Empire. The US is the primary force of instability in the world, the greatest generator of war and far and away the supreme terrorist state. ISIS even with all its dramatic gestures is nothing by comparison. Remember since 9/11, US presidents have killed more people than Bin Laden ever did.

Turkey is also experiencing instability and Western Syria may provide haven for those fleeing what is to come. The US is using Erdogan who is struggling to maintain control. Backed into a corner he allowed the US to utilize the airbases in Turkey to strike at ISIS, even though such a move strengthens the Kurds and thus weakens him. But the game is dangerous and deep as it always in Turkey's world of Byzantine politics. The price the US paid was yet another betrayal of the Kurds who sat stunned as NATO member Turkey dropped bombs on their positions. Once again they are the subjects of US treachery.

And yet even while they use Erdogan and allow him to rekindle the war with the Kurds, they are moving against him. The CIA is utilizing proxy forces on the social, political and military fronts. And the sanctions against Russia have proven disastrous for Turkey's now unstable economy. I doubt Erdogan is sleeping well at night. Here's an article from Gulen's paper, the same Gulen living in Eastern Pennsylvania, backed by the CIA and working to undermine Erdogan's AKP.

The whole of the Middle East is on fire or soon will be. Let us hope and pray the madness doesn't spread to Central Asia... but that may very well be part of the plan. Things have been 'smoldering' for some time. The misnamed Global War on Terror is on the verge of turning into Global War. The US has declared a war of terror on the world.

Assad is supported by the Shiites as well as virtually all the other minority groups in the region including the numerous ethnic-religious groups that inhabit the Levant. Russia has strategic and historical interests in supporting Assad and thus these groups. Again it must be emphasized their aims are no more wicked than any other player in the game and that includes that far more powerful and destructive and certainly duplicitous United States.

Syria has been reduced to a series of proxy struggles and scams. It's literally a corpse being circled by warring vultures. It's the scene of a great crime and Obama is most definitely one of the main actors. To speak of 'morality' at this point or Assad's tyranny is beyond absurd. It's become a vital section of the gameboard that everyone wants and woe to those who can't get out.

The US through its CBS proxy condemns Russia's possible implication in civilian deaths. It says this with a straight face in light of the deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan. In fact this morning (3Oct15) they are no doubt with bitterness also forced to report the US killed a significant number of civilians in an Afghan hospital during a bombing operation.

Countering the Empire's narrative is a dangerous game and MSF's insistence on the truth will make them no friends in Washington.

John McCain and other warmongers want to see further involvement in Afghanistan realizing full well that the only way to stabilize the country is to keep hundreds of thousands of troops there for the next forty years... and do the same in Pakistan. It won't work and would break America's economy and public will. Obama realized that early on. His 'surge' was an attempt to get out, save face and hopefully stabilize some sort of proxy government... but it's not working. The disasters on the horizon may in the end serve US interests in providing an excuse for further involvement though in different forms. The George Bush model of invasion and occupation is no longer on the table.

If civilians die during US operations, that's okay. If the Saudi's do the same in Yemen or Bahrain while using American weapons, ammunition and fuel, that's okay as well. But if Russia does it and the US doesn't like it, then the 'honest' American media wielding all its ethical integrity will be sure to speak up.

The US media is a joke. It's neither Left nor Right. It's entertainment, pro-Establishment, and determined 'not' to report the news. Their goal is to manipulate the audience and leave them in a state of ignorance. Some of them are no doubt blinded by 'higher' motivations, a sense of responsibility to the world order and so forth, but some of them have to know they're just a bunch of swindlers, a racket that traffics in propaganda.

They supported Bush and his wars and now they support Obama's. While Obama is not quite as blusterous as Bush, his record is just as bad. His presidency has failed. He betrayed his supporters and was used and abused by the Establishment. He's weak and deserves condemnation even by the standards of the system he seeks to run. In terms of Christian morality he joins the club of mass murderers, thieves and liars... the club of US Presidents, that which the world esteems but is abomination in the eyes of God.

He has worked to destroy domestic freedoms and expand the American empire. His modified continuation of Bush's wars and his generating/expansion of new wars in Syria and Yemen have created a legacy of blood.

The Nobel Prize is forever discredited. There have been some very unworthy recipients of the Peace Prize. One thinks of Kissinger for example, but Obama tops them all. His accolades are a travesty, only exceeded by the pigs of the mainstream media and the bile they call journalism.