13 October 2015

Libertarian Criticisms of the Imperial Narrative

Here are a few noteworthy links that have appeared recently at Lew Rockwell.

In providing these links I must once again make it clear that I do not endorse many of the viewpoints expressed on that site. I certainly am not a member or appreciator of their movement and yet their Anti-Establishment posture affords what can often be identified as valid and helpful criticisms of the system.

This can also be observed when reading the works of the far Left and thus I also will often include links to some of their (at times) penetrating criticisms of Establishment power. Likewise their solutions are also more than wanting.

We appreciate truth-telling when it comes to challenging the Establishment narrative and both the extreme Left and Right are helpful in this regard, even when both camps miss certain points and interpret some of the narrative incorrectly.

We appreciate and utilize to help our own understanding and to supplement our prophetic witness contra mundum, against the world. At that point, as Christians we turn away. We are not trying to synthesize worldly models, knowledge and wisdom with the revelation of the Kingdom. We are not trying to formulate a 'worldview' but instead maintain a prophetic antithesis.

We utilize their exposing of the lies, theft, murder and hypocrisy but we also realize they posit solutions outside the Kingdom of Christ, solutions found in reforming the world system... a fool's errand and a temptation to idolatry if there ever was one. This 'foolishness' is at the heart of the Christian political project which dominates the Evangelical sphere.

Regarding current events and Libertarian interpretations...

Putin's government is not the 'good guy' in the Syrian conflict but the American narrative is riddled with lies, miscontextualization and cynical manipulation. The truth is not reaching the public.

While many Christians can feign righteous indignation at the Obama policy it is not hard to recall that just a few years ago they happily embraced the same policies when endorsed by a different administration. Their rejection of Obama's Syrian War is not the result of gained wisdom but political intuition and posturing. This does nothing to help God's people further understand the truth of the matter, nor are lessons learned that will help in assessing future propaganda and deception issued by a Republican administration.

I encourage readers to ponder these articles and gain a greater understanding of what is unfolding. Why is the US pursuing this agenda in the Middle East and beyond? The implications are disturbing and must necessarily affect how we think and live within the Empire and in the West in general. We as Christians are in a time of social-ethical crisis, or we should be. More than ever we need to stand for truth and against the cultural tide. Those who were blinded by the fog of 9/11 no longer have an excuse.

We live in an empire that with its allies seeks mastery of the globe and its resources. Under the capitalist model, these resources include the people under its control.

These interpretations, even the map-graphic that I linked are but part of the whole story... a place to begin. But for many, for most, they have not yet even begun to open their eyes.