21 October 2015

Media Interpretations of the GOP Schism

There's no doubt that NPR's Fresh Air leans a little toward the Left. Regardless of orientation, what's the truth of the matter when it comes to the current GOP battle within the US House of Representatives? Why are the divisions there? What's happening? Why did Boehner resign?

Listen to the NPR story and explanation. Maybe you agree with the Freedom Caucus? Whether you do or not, there's a story there.

Contrast this with LPR's Issues Etc. and their coverage of the issue. Granted the story is about Evangelical support for GOP presidential candidates. But at 19:55 Todd Wilken raises the question of what's happening in the house. Listen to the lame and inept interpretations by his guest, a reporter from The Weekly Standard. Is the mainstream media Liberal? On most issues they're not, but The Weekly Standard makes no bones about what it stands for and how it slants its interpretations. The Neoconservative Weekly Standard's problem with the mainstream media is it doesn't sufficiently support the Capitalist warfare state. It supports it, but not with sufficient zeal.

What's going on here? Is this incompetence, an attempt at spin or both?

Nevertheless the quality of the content is remarkable. Christian media is deficient on almost every front. This example is not unique. Christian media serves a purpose and provides supplemental information on some issues. But overall it is woefully misinformed and perhaps even dangerously unhelpful.

Beware of any so-called Worldview which is content with something less than the truth. Christ's Kingdom is not built on lies and distortions.