19 November 2015

Establishment Media and the Hastert Scandal

You would think that if the Mainstream Media was really committed to the Leftist agenda then they would be going after the Dennis Hastert story. It has the potential to be one of the biggest scandals in US political history.

It's coming out that not only was he a paedophile before his political days but there's definitely some evidence to suggest his activities continued into his time in office. In addition there's a largely ignored story about homosexuality within the congress and in particular a gay clique in Republican circles. The Congressional Page scandals of 1983 and 2006 went away but they shouldn't have. It was never fully pursued.

This is the same media that went after Bill Clinton to the extent that some of the reporting was beyond what could be said on television or radio without violating FCC decency standards. I remember sitting in my recliner and being more than a little shocked as I read Time magazine and some of the details evangelical Ken Starr had dug up and had made sure to put in the report. It was nothing less than salacious and that's why it sold and the media ran with it. In addition there were powerful forces at work that wanted to bring Bill Clinton down.

So why is there no interest in pursuing Hastert? It's every bit as sensational and scandalous.

In fact the story is bigger than the paedophilia, a false marriage and other deviant behaviours. He was just plain corrupt, and beyond the normal corruption we all know about and have come to expect from our fine government officials. There were stories surfacing about this a decade ago. He was giving information and doing deals with foreign governments, Turkey for one and there were likely more. In fact some of his jaunts to Istanbul are somewhat suspicious if reports are to be believed. There's reason to believe he may have been blackmailed or that perhaps his perversions were being accommodated... thus also setting him up for blackmail etc...

There's much to suggest that Hastert is one of the dirtiest and most corrupt politicians we've ever seen. The fact that he was also an Evangelical hero with a department at Wheaton named after him is just icing on the scandal-cake and yet another mark of shame for the Constantinian theology that dominates the Evangelical world.

But apart from the banking indictment and guilty plea... which all but hid the charges from the public... the media hasn't pursued it.


This man was one of the most powerful members of the Republican Party, led the charge to impeach Clinton and as House Speaker was behind only the Vice President in terms of the succession to the White House. This should be a huge story, one on the scale of Watergate. The guy was a pervert and perhaps guilty of foreign espionage. There's obviously a cover-up under way. Why? There are probably many more names of people involved, there's certainly the suggestion of foreign involvement, corporate corruption and perhaps conflicting investigations within the government and a long history of suppressed information.

Since leaving office, Hastert was working as a lobbyist, raking in millions of dollars. There's a story there too, the people he was working for and the way he was moving money around.

But the Mainstream Media has moved on. The story seems to be over.

If they were really leftist in persuasion then we should expect a witch hunt to be underway. But they're not leftist, they are protectors and defenders of the Establishment. They are corporate owned and controlled and the media's job is to protect the system itself. Revealing Hastert and the web that surrounds him could quickly spiral out of control.

The same forces that suppressed Iran-Contra are also working to suppress this story. Iran-Contra almost got away from them and was very revealing to those who were paying attention. Had the Internet existed then it might have been a lot bigger.

But ironically in our Internet age, the Hastert story seems to be fading away.