28 November 2015

The Syrian Powder Keg

Here are three links of interest and a few comments related to the Russo-Turkish incident on the border of Syria and Hatay Province.

I'm not usually a fan of Buchanan but when it comes to critiquing the empire he can sometimes offer some helpful commentary.

Margolis is always an interesting read.

Prashad's analysis is also usually worthwhile though of course he's coming from a very different perspective than Margolis and most certainly Buchanan.

The point is, that whether you follow the hard Right, Left or even what can be described as an internationalist perspective, everyone except the US mainstream media is concerned. CBS seemed more interested in covering Black Friday shopping, the Macy's parade and the latest in tech gadgets. Meanwhile the rest of the world is growing anxious as we're entering a very dangerous and uncertain period. Syria is starting to look like the Balkans before 1914, a place of ethnic and religious turmoil and a proxy playground for the forces of empire – a powder keg.

As Christians we are told this age will be one of wars and rumours of war and that we are not to be troubled. This can only make sense when coupled with a pilgrim identity. Christians who have theologically wed themselves to the state and the doctrine of dominion cannot but be troubled and filled with angst and anger, lusting for power and revenge.

As truth tellers and deliberate exiles we will be called evildoers, especially by the multitudes of deceived people sitting in pews who will quickly get pulled into the emotional tide of these events. Blinded by the news/propaganda streams they trust and beguiled by a false and worldly theology they will all too quickly call for blood and be eager to shed it.

We need not fear the Providential hand of God, the toppling of kingdoms and thrones and the wars that wicked men wage and the lies they tell. But apostasy is grievous and it is burdensome to watch so many succumb to the delusion and rampant spiritual mendacity.