03 November 2015

Pentagon Ministries and North Korea

This report is really not all that surprising. For many years there have been hints of and in some cases confirmed reports of Christian ministries and various NGO's collaborating with American intelligence agencies. This has happened in many countries and contexts. Occasionally foreign governments will act with hostility toward these groups. While we must lament all such actions our media both mainstream and Christian often fail to report the full story and provide context.

If the Church confuses its mission with that of Empire then its persecution is not spiritual or gospel oriented but instead becomes political, the fruit of scheming for power and meddling in others affairs. Sadly it is the Christian converts in these lands that in the end will suffer the most. Because they will be viewed as a potential Fifth Column, a conduit for outside influences in the form of propaganda and money... laundered money at that.

The Church erred in this regard with the Roman Empire and the Christians in Persia suffered as a result.

This has also occurred in the context of the British and American Empires resulting in Christian persecution in other lands. It's a real shame that no one seems to have learned the lessons.

North Korea certainly qualifies as perhaps the most evil regime of our day. All governments are pretty evil but North Korea has attained to a level seldom imagined in modern times. Its fall will likely be vicious and potentially catastrophic. Sometimes even 'evil' regimes provide stability and their fall can in the end prove just as problematic. Just look at Iraq.

There's a small Christian remnant in North Korea that has somehow survived in the face of unbelievable opposition.

While we all wish them the best and desire to do more it is pure folly if not wicked for Church affiliated organizations to ally with American foreign policy and institutions that seek to project its power. This will do great harm and exacerbate the already growing confusion among Christians in countries like North Korea, China, Burma and elsewhere. We pray that the American Church, which wields tremendous power, would awaken and realize its errors and the dangerous path it continues to march down. In many cases its actions and those of its members are doing great harm to their brethren in other lands. All too often American Christians are enriching themselves at the expense of their brethren.

There's a long history of the Christians being dupes, a resource to be utilized by the beasts seeking to build their Babel towers. What a pernicious lie that teaches American Christians to think that their government is different from others, somehow Christian... even some kind of expression of the Kingdom. To serve it is akin to serving God Himself.

Woe to them.