26 March 2016

Albright's Hypocrisy on Display


She is a vile creature and I don't feel like she even deserves common courtesy.

The old witch (which is essentially what she was and is) had better be careful what she wishes for. If there was real justice, real international justice  and rule of law, she'd find herself in the dock. She was the diplomatic arm of a regime that effectively committed genocide in Iraq. I'm speaking not just of her role as Secretary of State but more specifically of her role as US Ambassador to the UN from 1993-97.
During her watch hundreds of thousands of Iraqis died as they were systematically starved, deprived of medicines and their social infrastructure was destroyed. They were poisoned by US munitions which infected the soil and water table leading to birth defects and a spike in cancer rates. It was a great crime only overshadowed by the 2003 invasion.
Figures like Denis Halliday and Hans von Sponeck resigned their UN positions refusing to administer the US backed programme. They watched what was happening and were appalled. The media gave them little voice and most of the American public remained clueless about what was happening.
Though I was based in Italy in the 1990s my base supported and helped to supply the Turkish bases running the so-called Northern No-Fly Zone which were also the military means of enforcing the sanctions. I was just then starting to learn that there were problems and questions concerning this policy. I didn't really come to understand it until after I was free from the US military. Needless to say upon realising that indirectly I had been a part of it all, I felt pretty sick and ashamed. This forced me to re-examine the whole Gulf War and consider the nature of US actions post 1989.