03 March 2016

The Arms Industry and Empire

In Southeast Asia the role of Singapore continues to grow as a means to arm the new American formed and backed alliance meant to secure American hegemony and contain China.

ST Kinetics formerly Chartered Industries of Singapore (CIS) was utilised by the Reagan administration to set up arms deals with Iran.

The Israelis also played no small part in this drama, also acting as a US proxy, selling in particular replacement parts to the Iranians who possessed a largely US built military apparatus from its days under the Shah. The Israelis got them the parts to keep their American built jets in the air.

This has continued to this day.

It is quite apparent from the historical record that many in the American Right misunderstand the nature of the Israeli relationship vis-à-vis Iran. In addition many on the Right and in particular its 'Christian' variant have grossly misunderstood the nature and character of Zionist Israel, its place in the world and certainly its agenda.

Some will argue that state action against these arms dealers demonstrates they are 'rogue' elements within the officially sanctioned apparatus. It must be remembered that a big part of intelligence operations especially in the US is done under the radar of official US policy. The CIA and its partners often fear exposure by other US agencies. They're often hiding their activities from other US agencies (in particular the FBI) and the Congress due to the illegal nature of their actions. The CIA is itself a rogue Praetorian Guard that makes and executes its own policy. Its reach is wide and penetrates many aspects of the US government and business world.

This has led to the longstanding war between the CIA and the FBI, the impossibility of getting them to cooperate let alone collaborate on many points and it has also led to many semi-comical situations where they are tailing each other's agents etc...

ST Kinetics continues to work with Israel in expanding arms sales across East Asia. Despite some disputes and competition the Indonesian arms industry is also experiencing a renaissance with full American support.

The US continues to expand its relationship with the Singaporean Arms Industry and military.

Though several years old this article lets the reader peek into the world of US military operations as they work with foreign militaries, and cultivate relationships with them. Numerous American bases contain a surprising number of foreign military nationals in the United States for training etc.

This is an old tool utilised by the American Empire. It generates revenue, increases American power and gives the US additional tools to manipulate undesired situations.