24 March 2016

Obama in Argentina: Condor and Crocodile Tears


Obama is shedding crocodile tears. His language is completely farcical and disingenuous. The problem wasn't that America didn't 'speak out' for human rights. The United States has a long history in Latin America of installing fascist military dictatorships, working with ex-Nazis and aiding these governments in the brutal suppression of their peoples. This is a sordid history connected to the School of the Americas, death squads, secret prisons, torture and assassination.

The history is long but was escalated by Henry Kissinger with the implementation of Operation Condor  during the Nixon and Ford administrations. This is why he cannot show his face in many of these countries. He would be arrested on the spot. Though he's been out of office for forty years, Kissinger still wields tremendous influence in the American political scene, demonstrating among other things that his ideas and policies still hold sway. The American Establishment is unrepentant.

Vice President Nixon was attacked when he visited Latin America in the 1950s. While Obama comes bearing an olive branch he's really insulting the people of Argentina. If they understood what he was saying and knew the fuller history their own governments have suppressed they would not welcome him. He's spitting in their faces and most of them seem to be saying 'thank-you'.

Nixon is spinning in his grave. He would be in awe of the power of American propaganda.

Obama pulled more or less the same stunt in Cuba. Raul Castro has to be reconsidering the whole rapprochement. Obama's behaviour was arrogant, insulting, duplicitous and founded on prevarication. The American public, completely propagandised by our media (even during the trip itself) is wholly ignorant of the brutal war waged by the United States on the island of Cuba for many decades. The United States has absolutely no moral authority to judge Cuba. None.

Of course the American Right will portray the Argentina trip as Obama 'apologising' for America again and insulting our ally the United Kingdom. They'll focus on the stupid, baseball games and tangos rather than anything of substance. One wishes he would genuinely show contrition and open up the past, but that's not what's happening here. Even USA Today is running a headline about Obama saying 'sorry'. Read it carefully. There's no apology there. He's not apologising for US deeds.

This is a whitewash and a legitimisation of Argentina's new regime which has bowed to Wall Street and Washington. The United States has worked over the past decade to break the Leftist Uprising in Latin America. They've succeeded in Venezuela and now Argentina. Bolivia is weakened and right now Ecuador and Brazil are in America's crosshairs.

Trump decries America's defeats. His analysis is divorced from reality. The Endless War declared in 2001 was little more than the implementation of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC). America is desperately seeking to establish a new order, secure the world's resources and destroy all opposition. The world is a dangerous place right now and Washington is generating much of the instability and feeding off of it.