28 June 2016

Call the Bureaucrat-Sorcerers

If the GOP had any imagination at all they would hire some Presbyterians to fix the convention. There's got to be a way to subvert the convention and through some kind of parliamentary procedure force Trump out and take the nomination away from him.

If you've ever spent any time in the Presbyterian world you cannot but be amazed at the multitudes of Bureaucrat-Sorcerers that fill their ranks. They can manipulate their canon law (they call it the BCO) in ways that would make your head spin. Robert's Rules is apparently the sine qua non of Biblical Ecclesiology. Paul could have probably squared away Corinth or Asia Minor if he had known about it. Parliamentary procedure is apparently the means the Holy Spirit employs to preserve and protect the Church.

Blasphemous? Yes, they are, but they can't help it... they're Presbyterians. They don't believe in the Sufficiency of Scripture when it comes to Ecclesiology.

Nevertheless, the GOP would probably do well to consult with them. If there's a way to manipulate a bureaucracy, a way to spin a web of procedural deceit... just call one of the operatives in the PCA or OPC. They can fix it.

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