14 June 2016

Feeding on the Corpse of Brazil

At this point it's difficult to point to hard evidence but there are rumours, suggestions and hints that the toppling of Rousseff in Brazil has at the very least been instigated by forces associated with the United States. The case is growing almost by the day.

On a simpler level it might be pointed out that the forces combating Lula da Silva, Rousseff and Brazil's PT are elements within Brazilian society that would find their natural allies within the US industrial and corporate establishment.

The Neo-Pentecostal/Evangelical influence in Brazil is large and growing and headed (politically) by the very corrupt figure of Eduardo Cunha who is also closely tied with the moves against Rousseff. I'm still probing, trying to find ties to US institutions like Heritage or specific figures or power brokers with Christian Right connections. I'm sure they're to be found but it hasn't come to the surface yet as it has in places like Uganda.

There are (at this point) unsubstantiated but certainly compelling stories emerging of 'Operation Car Wash', the investigation into the Petrobras scandal being tied to the NSA's spying on Brazilian elements including Rousseff herself.

These accusations seem to center on Sergio Moro a judge within Brazil that seems to be spearheading the prosecutions against Lula and Rousseff. His ties to the United States are certainly interesting if not suspect. While his CV is inconclusive it hints at an oft-repeated pattern utilised by US forces to infiltrate other countries by means of such proxies in order to effect policy goals.

Who benefits from Rousseff, Lula and the collapse of the Worker's Party (PT)?

Certainly elements within the oil industry itself. The shake-up will allow for a restructuring and if Brazil is put into further financial difficulties, outside organisations and certainly forces within the international petroleum market will be afforded opportunities to influence Petrobras if not gain substantial control over its assets and apparatus. The big petroleum corporations based in the United States stand to benefit and perhaps most importantly from the US perspective, the ties forged by Petrobras with elements of the Chinese energy industry can be severed.

While Brazil retains 54% ownership of Petrobras the rest of the company is dominated by institutional holdings (Capital World, Bank of America, Vanguard) all based in the United States.

The lawsuits on behalf of the stockholders have already been filed and when the dust settles, Petrobras may be subject to various settlements which possibly will restrict its independence.

Or more likely, in order to pay its debts, there will be 'fire sale' and the parasites of Wall Street will come in and gobble it up at pennies on the dollar.

There are further items that we may contemplate...

A power-reshuffle and political shift in Brazil will possibly lead to Brazil's exit from BRICS, something many elements within the United States would like to see. In fact Brazil's departure may lead to its collapse.

The industrial sector has already begun to move to dismantle various environmental regulations and hindrances related to indigenous peoples.

Essentially, the Left-wing Revolution that took over Latin America in the late 1990s and early 2000s is being dismantled as economies are being brought down and handed over to new Right-wing governments eager to implement Neo-liberal economic policies.

We're seeing this in Colombia which is on the verge of chaos and collapse. Argentina and Brazil have been 'flipped'. There was a coup in Honduras. Paraguay experienced a similar 'soft-coup' in 2012 bringing in a wave of GM crops and large Agri-business victories... again in many cases these trans-national corporations are dominated by American interests and money.

Bolivia's Morales, Ecuador's Correa, and perhaps Chile's Bachelet are pretty much the only leaders still standing associated with the Left-wing movement. We're currently awaiting the second round to be completed in the Peruvian election. The return of the Fujimoris would be yet another defeat for the Latin American Left.

Globally speaking it appears that the Western Establishment led by elements within the United States is working to gain control of the increasingly limited resources that are necessary to maintain a modern techno-industrial economy and standard of living.

The Middle and working classes are being squeezed and eliminated all around the globe. This is also occurring in the West but at a less accelerated rate.

Wars are erupting which seem to be largely rooted in control and domination of the resources. While there are other factors, this overarching concern is becoming clearly the main motivating factor. The moves against Russia and China are ultimately rooted in limiting their ability to grow in power. This is true militarily but also economically.

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