18 June 2016

Relationships as a Euphemism for Recruitment and Corruption


There are only hints of CIA recruitment associated with this particular programme and yet it is exactly the kind of venue utilised by the US Establishment to 'establish relationships' with future world leaders.

The Brazilian judge Sergio Moro associated with the Petrobras investigation is an alumnus of IVLP. We're not likely to uncover specific relationships or transactions but it is in this type of forum that the connections can be made. While serving as a judge he may (I'm surmising) be in communication with American contacts. Perhaps we might even refer to them as handlers.

We don't know and probably won't, and yet this organisation is one of many tools in the imperial arsenal.

The US insists it's just making friends and opening doors and in many cases that might be all. It's kind of like a fraternity... it's circles of power and influence. The figures that overlap the most circles can be said to be the big 'movers and shakers'.

And yet there's a pernicious and corrupt element to it all. It's conspiratorial but it's open. It doesn't have to be secret freemasons meeting in the Swiss Alps. It's mostly above board and yet these are the types of places where the contacts are made.

The US military likewise has a wide range of such programmes, officers, general staff, special forces, forums and organisations that allow them to meet, talk shop, jointly train, trade rumours and secrets, gather information and plan operations. The contacts are used later to move money, give instructions and establish wider networks. It's no secret, it's just how power works.

I will say this. The plots are definitely getting more complex, asymmetrical and obtuse. The world is growing more complicated and the internet has jeopardised secrecy. The trails are being ensconced in fog and obfuscation.

How can the pieces be put together? Often they can't. Coherence is always rooted in some form of transcendental logic and always prey to subjectivism, bias, and reductionism. And yet, despite this sometimes the circumstantial evidence is so overwhelming that the old dictum 'where there's smoke, there's fire' seems to be applicable.

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