09 March 2017

Economic Warfare and the US Justice Department

There are so many stories like this floating around if you go looking. The US is waging a war against companies that do business in places and with people not liked by the Washington Establishment.

The fact that this economic sometimes benefits US companies by crushing their competitors... well, that's just a fringe benefit.
US companies and banks often get away with the same practices or receive a slap on the wrist. But Washington likes to send signals to corporations and governments that don't comply. Get in line, or you won't have access to US markets.
And even then, the US will find some way to intervene and exert authority. The US involvement in the FIFA scandal is another example of this type of behaviour.
The US many not officially run the world, but it sure acts like it does.
One wonders if the pro-business Trump administration will continue using these tactics or if we'll see a drop off.
Even though these stories have now broken during the Trump era, this chapter was written long before he came into office. As is clear the Trump White House is moving so quickly that they haven't even take over full control of the bureaucracy yet. Quantity over quality seems to be their guiding principle.

This is not to suggest that these corporations are in any way worthy of our empathy or that they're somehow innocent actors. Far from it. Their own greed and attempts to hide their deeds is fairly obvious. The corporate world is politicised precisely because like it or not the business world is an integral part of the political order. Business, markets and the economy do not operate in a vacuum. Capitalism evolves into a place wherein corporations and industries become strategic, part of the political system and wed to the military-security state apparatus. Diplomacy, intrigues and even war are the realms in which they are both forced and willing to operate. 

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