27 February 2015

Christian Media: Slander to the Glory of God

The Internet has inaugurated an age of information and in many ways it has proven a true blessing. It wasn't that many years ago that if you were looking for news or information that was particularized or outside of the mainstream you had to subscribe to a mailed newsletter. Podcasts or Streaming Audio/Video? Think again. At best you hoped for cassette tapes or a mailed VHS tape. It wasn't all bad but it was often costly and everything was slow. I remember eagerly checking my mail to see if the latest newsletter arrived or a padded envelope containing some cassette tapes.

25 February 2015

The Church as a Free Institution of Political Resistance

The Christian Right supported and continues to lionize and venerate the activism of the Roman Catholic Church in Poland during the 1980's. It backed Solidarity and was buttressed by visits from the first Polish Pope, John Paul II. It played no small part in helping to bring about the end of the Cold War.

The Christian Right has argued this activism was a legitimate expression of the prophetic voice, challenging power and an unjust government.

21 February 2015

Halki Seminary and US Objectives in Old Byzantium


While hardly a fan of Turkey's Erdogan, I find it richly ironic that the United States leads the charge in demanding that Turkey reopen Halki Seminary near Istanbul. Closed in 1971, it has been a focus of US diplomatic efforts since the 1990's. The United States and many others have pushed Ankara to allow the Greek Orthodox Church to open this famed and historic institution.

15 February 2015

CNN and the 'Liberal' Media

Watching CNN International the other morning I was struck by the coverage concerning Rafael Correa of Ecuador and the anniversary of Winston Churchill's death.

The coverage of Ecuador and Correa could have been written by the State Department of either the Bush or Obama administrations. It was completely shallow and biased toward the American point of view.

01 February 2015

Defining Religion by Culture

Non-radicalised Muslims and many political Centrists will say the Terrorists aren't real Muslims at all. Their actions contradict the true nature of Islam.

The Right insists that the Terrorists are real Muslims and in fact their actions express the true nature of Islam.