31 October 2015

Economics, the Environment and Questions That Must Be Asked

When I see things like this I think about the idea that the Free Market is self-regulating. I realize that many of its most strident advocates are critical of globalisation and its effects, but this is due to their own reductionistic understanding of economics. Their minimalist understanding of the nature of economics blinds them to this logical telos of the Capitalist system.

28 October 2015

Riding in a Tesla

I went for a ride in a Tesla yesterday. Someone I know is considering purchasing one. It was impressive. That said, I personally have no interest in one. I don't even own a Smartphone and frankly despise the whole direction our society is taking with the gadgets and techno-obsessive behaviour. I'm not interested in applications that chart my steps, the food in my refrigerator or the number of times I accelerated in the past half hour.

22 October 2015

Should Christians Support the Troops?

Vance is excellent when it comes to American Christians and their posturing toward the military. He exposes the flawed thinking and the idolatry.

It is truly a doctrinal/theological problem more than anything else and even those who are 'uncomfortable' with the patriotic tone of American Evangelicals have in many cases failed to penetrate to the heart of the problem.

21 October 2015

Media Interpretations of the GOP Schism

There's no doubt that NPR's Fresh Air leans a little toward the Left. Regardless of orientation, what's the truth of the matter when it comes to the current GOP battle within the US House of Representatives? Why are the divisions there? What's happening? Why did Boehner resign?

Listen to the NPR story and explanation. Maybe you agree with the Freedom Caucus? Whether you do or not, there's a story there.

17 October 2015

The Pope: An Example of Power Divorced From Money?

Some might attempt to argue the Pope represents a veritable power that is projected in poverty, divorced from the influence of money. But they would be wrong. While Francis has tried to wrap the Papacy in a shroud of humility and has spoken out on behalf of the poor, the reality is he would have no voice at all if it were not for the financial and political power his organization wields.

13 October 2015

Libertarian Criticisms of the Imperial Narrative

Here are a few noteworthy links that have appeared recently at Lew Rockwell.

In providing these links I must once again make it clear that I do not endorse many of the viewpoints expressed on that site. I certainly am not a member or appreciator of their movement and yet their Anti-Establishment posture affords what can often be identified as valid and helpful criticisms of the system.

04 October 2015

CBS and the Media's Coverage of the Syrian War

CBS likes to run their little advert promoting themselves and talking about values such as honesty and integrity. Truly it's a video more appropriate for the likes of a comedy channel or some kind of Fallon skit. CBS whether represented by Scott Pelley, Charlie Rose or Nora O'Donnell is little more than a mouthpiece for the Establishment.

02 October 2015

Strauss-Kahn and the Strategy of Tension

While Dominique Strauss-Kahn can hardly be considered a paragon of moral virtue and probably represents the type of lifestyle not a few of the world's elites engage in, he nevertheless possesses a certain amount of knowledge, even wisdom.

This does not in any way excuse his behaviour or way of living. People can be incredibly immoral and yet still be committed to larger social ideas. People are complicated and inconsistent.