16 July 2013

Panama, North Korea, The Canal and America

Panama Seizes North Korean Ship Carrying Weapons of War

Hardly wishing to sound like an apologist for North Korea, what gives Panama the right to stop this ship? It is well known the Panamanian government is a puppet to American interests. Reagan for all intents and purposes undid Carter's Canal negotiations and GHW Bush killed thousands there to insure American hegemony.

Would-be Cops and Race in America

I don't usually spend a great deal of time following the sensational tabloid type news stories but this George Zimmerman case has been different. Why? Because I've noticed that in particular the Christian community has been active in following it and the blogosphere has also been quite busy with regard to this case.

15 July 2013

Controversies surrounding Al Jazeera and their coverage of Egypt

I've been enjoying the coverage regarding Al Jazeera. They've been slammed because of perceived bias...it has been suggested they are promoting the cause of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

First I will only point out that the American public has not yet grasped or come to terms with the fact that the United States has backed yet another coup d'├ętat and collaborated with yet another military regime.

Lone voices of truth in a world of lies


The media spins, manipulates and often softens the news to flatter their corporate masters.

The politicians look right into the camera and lie. They speak of shock and disapproval. They say they're investigating and carefully monitoring. In reality they're either scheming of complicit.

Politicians care only about maintaining power. Nothing else matters.

14 July 2013

American money backed anti-Morsi protests

This story has proven to be very controversial. People are shocked at the suggestion. Yet, if people knew a little more history they would realize this was expected and fits a long pattern going back (at the very least) to Italy just after WW2. This is an old tactic. The difference today? You can't pull it off as easy and remain in the shadows.


Pan-Turkism and the 21st Century Great Game


Central Asia is a key region in the post Cold War geopolitical game. Even during the Cold War American Intelligence services supported Pan-Turkism as a means to destabilize the USSR’s southern frontier…today’s ‘Stan’ countries of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

03 July 2013

Snowden in Moscow and Morales in Vienna


An interesting statement from Snowden although perhaps I am more surprised that someone in his position is surprised by American actions.

Non-Independence Day in Egypt: Cautious Optimism or Impending Doom?

A few comments on the fall of Morsi and what’s happening in Egypt and the Islamic world.

It’s interesting how in this case even the mainstream media seems to acknowledge the Pentagon’s role in communicating with the Egyptian military.

The Camp David Accords which resulted in Sadat’s assassination was a geopolitical and diplomatic coup. Egypt was wrenched from the Soviet sphere and brought into the American column. The security mechanism which guarantees the status quo has always been the Egyptian military. This model replicated what the United States has done in Turkey, Chile and other nations as well.