30 April 2016

Tony Evans and Charles Ryrie, Dispensationalism and Dominionism

God has designed mankind to be in charge, not in chains. God wants Christians to rule, too often they're living like exiles.

I caught these blurbs the other day on Moody Radio, advertising for the Tony Evans radio programme.

Aerial Antics and a Russian Pilot Inspired by Hollywood


The US is outraged that a Russian pilot challenged an American plane that was getting a little too close to its shores. Apparently he pulled a stunt and the US is trying to act outraged but instead they're looking pretty foolish. The US is calling Russian actions provocative and irresponsible.

But when Tom Cruise does it to the Russians, then it's cool, he's a hero and we all laughed and clapped.

28 April 2016

American Evangelicalism: A Death Cult


There are some very flawed views (of the Libertarian variety) in this piece and yet in general it is correct regarding the way in which the military has formed a nexus with American Evangelical culture.

Trillium Afoot

Spring is not my favourite season but it has its glories.

The Trillium has emerged in the Mid-Atlantic, blanketing shady hillsides. It's beautiful. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you are all the poorer for it.


23 April 2016

21 April 2016

By Tor and the Electric Eye

Tor (The Onion Router) is often touted as a means to escape government surveillance, a way to evade tracking and the discovery of your location. It utilises encryption and thousands of relays to inhibit analysis.

18 April 2016

Walter Williams Does the Hustle


The very premise of American colonialisation vis-à-vis the Indians was racist. Imperialism in virtually every case is rooted in the idea that one people is better than another and has a 'right' or even 'obligation' to take lands and resources from lesser people and in many cases enslave them.

16 April 2016

Russia's Response to American Aggression


Can you even imagine if Russian ships were sailing in the Gulf of Mexico near the coast of Louisiana or Texas? What if they were sailing between Catalina Island and Long Beach? What if they were conducting war exercises... with Mexico?

15 April 2016

Privatised Sociological and Census Data

Lockheed Martin epitomises the Military-Industrial Complex and the Corporate Establishment. These articles are several years old but the issue keeps coming to the surface. It's been on my mind over the past few days so I dug up these links.

Why is a company like Lockheed Martin getting involved in the UK and Canadian census? Why is the biggest government contractor in the United States and one of the wealthiest and most powerful corporations in the world collecting census data on citizens in other countries?

13 April 2016

Foreign Fighters in Transcaucasia: Nagorno-Karabakh Sounds the Alarm About the Grey Wolves and ISIS

Of course the spokesman for the Nagorno-Karabakh republic has a stake in the fight and so I will remain a little dubious about his statements. The few articles that are circulating in the American press are written by Armenians as well. This doesn't mean they're necessarily wrong but I urge caution. The emotions run so high in the Caucasus that statements and claims can get a little carried away.

10 April 2016

Transcaucasia: Alliances and Arms Sales by Proxy

The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict has flared once again and is making the news. The conflict which erupted as the Soviet Union collapsed has never been fully resolved. The breakaway Armenian enclave lives in a state of siege and there continues to be dangerous border areas inhabited by snipers etc...

07 April 2016

Trump and Punishing Women Who Seek Abortion

The Christian Right shouldn't be shocked by Trump's statements about punishing women who have abortions. Cruz and other professing Christians seem to want to capitalise on Trump's perceived error but don't want to follow through on the implications of the question. Their dismay strikes me as hypocritical and false.

04 April 2016

Issues Etc. and Uwe Siemon-Nietto

I don't do a lot of these direct critique pieces anymore but this interview was brought to my attention and maybe some readers will find the comments helpful. If anything as I've suggested in the past it is instructive in dissecting these types of segments so common in Christian media.

02 April 2016

An Erstwhile Democrat Transformed into a Trumpite

Recently I had the displeasure of encountering an old acquaintance who at one time I would have described as a working class Democrat. He's a former union guy, a baby-boomer that generally speaking was socially liberal, patriotic and somewhat racist.

I have to say growing up in the West I had not really encountered the old working-class type Democrat before. When I moved to Rust-Belt Appalachia I started finding them all over the place. They love America, the military and believe in hard work and yet don't quite fit into the Progressive or Conservative categories. They are a true mix.