28 February 2014

The End of Posse Comitatus

Here's another interesting tale regarding the use of agents provocateurs. In this case it was the US military attempting to infiltrate peace and veteran groups involved in anti-war activities.

Textual Criticism and Canon

I'm reposting this with an additional link. Kruger does a good job casting the issue of Canon in theological rather than strictly historical terms. This is essential to understanding the issues and helps explain the contemporary struggles over this issue.

Here's the new link:


25 February 2014

The State Department Game Concerning Language: Honduras, Egypt, Central and East Africa

The government rarely wants to specifically or openly endorse the overthrow of another government. To declare 'regime change' is a posture of war. Bush did it, but diplomats cringed. You only do something like that if you're ready to start shooting. These things are best done quietly especially if the reasons behind it are not something you really want to talk about.


This also happened in Egypt. Sometimes the government can support a coup while officially not endorsing it.

There are other times when the US projects certain values pertaining to Human Rights and yet is allied with regimes that systematically violate them. You can be sure the media won't cover it and if they do, it will be spun.

24 February 2014

Wikileaks, Change and the Chain of Command


It's taken quite a bit of time but things are still being extracted from the Wikileaks releases. Much of the information has proven mundane but some of it is very instructive especially if collated with other available information.

15 February 2014

14 February 2014

Dominion Mercenaries in Africa

I was reminded of this today. It's been quite a few years and I had forgotten about these incidents.

A confusing mess to be sure, but it's interesting how these worlds overlap. American politics, business and Africa, not as strange of a brew as it might sound.

12 February 2014

Thought-Crime, Entrapment and Blackmail

With the tracking of virtually all data and the synthesis and analysis of everything we're doing, we are reaching a point that is reminiscent of themes out of some of the most frightening dystopian fiction.

Thought-crime is becoming a reality.

This story is terrifying. I'm not defending the kid. He's more stupid than anything else. But he didn't actually 'do' anything. CBS also covered this a few weeks ago.

11 February 2014

Unitary Power and the Praetorians


This is an interesting story regarding the way the government is integrating meta-data and using it to target people. Obama has in every way continued the general trajectory of Bush administration policies with regard to the Terror-War... a permanent war which is fundamentally changing the way the American government functions.

10 February 2014

People of the Book

We practice Family Worship in my home. Every day we attempt to read some portion of Scripture accompanied by discussion and the occasional hymn or two. I have impressed on my children the absolute wickedness of failing to acknowledge and show gratitude to the God who sustains and has saved us.

05 February 2014

Nye vs. Ham

When I first heard Ken Ham would be debating Bill Nye I wasn't very pleased. I feared he would fare poorly and I'm sorry to say I was right. I can't imagine anyone would be overly impressed with his performance.