31 July 2015

The Internal War and its Casualties


The arms dealer Soghanalian represents yet another example of the house cleaning or board clearing that took place as the Cold War ended. The US began to break off old ties and alliances and re-orient for a new historical epoch, an American Century it was hoped. There were many casualties and betrayals. The 1998 film Ronin and its allusion to the story of the 47 master-less samurai captures a little bit of this mood, especially in the circles inhabited by the likes of Soghanalian.

Pollard and the USSR

This particular aspect of the Pollard spy story seems to have been largely forgotten. I suppose it presents a particular dilemma for Dispensationalists. Who do you show your greater loyalty to?

The Zionist State and its supposed eschatological implications,

or the idolized American Empire?

If he had spied for anyone but Israel a release wouldn't even be contemplated.

MH17, Politics and the UNSC

US Mainstream media is presenting the Russian Veto of the UN Security Council (UNSC) resolution as an outrage. They proffer that the UNSC establishing such a tribunal is normative and Russia's rejections represent a real if not criminally moral failing.

30 July 2015

Sacralist Swan Song? - The 2016 US Presidential Election

Listening to Kevin Swanson talk about this conference I'm reminded of Jerome's famous lamentation in response to the sacking of Rome by the Visigoths in 410. Jerome like many Evangelicals had confused the Sacralist State with the light of the world and the inheritance of God and like many American Evangelicals he couldn't imagine a Church without the Sacralist state attached to it and protecting it.

28 July 2015

Racist Killings

I believe I've said this before but it bears repeating.
The Internet is awash with examples of society at large and the mainstream media ignoring the deaths of white people at the hands of minorities and in particular blacks. This lack of coverage and attention is decried as an injustice. Why are the deaths of blacks getting covered disproportionately? Why don't white lives matter it is asked?
I must say I find these sorts of comments surprising but I guess I shouldn't.

25 July 2015

Tariq Aziz, Green Zone and The Memory Hole

The recent death of Tariq Aziz brought back a lot of memories concerning American involvement in Iraq. Always a controversial and interesting figure it was noteworthy that his death passed with hardly any notice. It was mentioned in the news, but at this point some twelve years after the initial invasion, few seem to care. The rise of ISIS, a direct consequence of American meddling and destruction in the region has now overshadowed all previous concerns and narratives. But because all parties refuse to learn from the past, we can be almost certain the same evils will be perpetuated.

23 July 2015

Frauds and Backlash in the UK


Be wary of these types of stories which are promiscuously circulated in Christian circles. The Shoebat's are certainly frauds and when listening to them being interviewed it's very apparent their Christianity certainly ought to be in doubt. If the Mossad isn't paying them, then they're getting a lot of propaganda for free.

21 July 2015

Prince of Peace, God of War


I rather enjoyed this documentary which deals with Christian non-violence versus Just War Theory. It was slanted to be sure. That said, though I disagree with them, I was somewhat impressed with the thoughtfulness, hesitancy and restraint exhibited by some of the proponents of Just War.

20 July 2015

The Most Dangerous Man of the Hour


Netanyahu speaks of hypocrisy. That's pretty rich coming from the leader of Likud.

And yet it must be said that at this moment Benjamin Netanyahu is probably the most dangerous man in the world.

11 July 2015

Trans or De-formed?

Speaking of PBS' Frontline, I strongly recommend that people watch the latest episode entitled 'Growing Up Trans'.
It is profoundly disturbing and not an easy watch. Aside from the medical ethics and other disturbing aspects of what is taking place, the real import (and shocking at that) is in the mindset of the parents, doctors, and peers. The societal shift is happening at a rocket speed and like it or not we must deal with it and pray for wisdom in knowing how to do so.

09 July 2015

Exiles in America

"Now we feel like exiles in our own land..."
I've heard numerous variations on this phrase in recent days. This has been said in reference to the Supreme Court ruling on homosexual marriage.

06 July 2015

Greece 1967 / Greece 2015

The CIA backed Junta which took power in 1967 represented a reaction to the Greek left. They established a military dictatorship which ruled Greece until 1974 when the fiasco in Cyprus brought them down.