31 August 2014

ICReach and the Death of Civil Rights

As the Snowden revelations continue to come out the latest involves the NSA's internal 'Google' clone, an inter-agency search engine that allows other departments within the government to access the data NSA has gathered.
This is all warrantless collection of information. It's as if the police or any other government agency can drive by your house and come inside and snoop.
It's really beyond that. Based off the way the Internet functions in our lives, they can actually get into your head and see what you're thinking about.

27 August 2014

A Seared Conscience Speaking Lies With Hypocrisy

Today Janet Mefferd tried to suggest the chaos in Libya is due to Obama's naïve support for the Arab Spring. There are always the veiled insinuations that he's some kind of crypto-Muslim.

26 August 2014

The Left Labels Obama a Counterfeit

It's pretty sad that when I want to hear some genuine voices from the Left I have to turn to an outfit like RT. You're sure not going to hear this kind of criticism on any of mainstream media outlets within the United States.

Anyone who says our media is Leftist... immediately loses credibility with me. They've fallen for the Right/Left propaganda of the mainstream. The differences are minimal. They mainstream varieties operate from the same assumptions. What they call Left/Right is just establishment.

21 August 2014

Truth and Lies in Hungary: A Parable of Geo-Political Struggle


While PressTV and Russia Today aren't very popular in the West and are viewed as purveyors of propaganda, the truth is as usual a bit more complicated.

They certainly are agenda driven but that said so is Western media. This doesn't negate everything you read or hear in the West, nor does it negate everything you might watch on Press TV or RT. Context determines all.

I appreciated this brief programme because it provided some nuance to a complicated issue.

20 August 2014

Inbox: Dispensationalism and Futurism

Some readers will find this to be of interest and possibly beneficial to their own understanding.

Recently I was asked to comment on both Dispensationalism and Futurism. Here's my unpolished response.

19 August 2014

NPR and Establishment Safe Reporting

NPR has really nosedived over the past few years. Their coverage is growing weak and they're turning ever more toward light entertainment- style news. I find myself listening to it less and less.

Despite the fact that they're constantly decried as 'liberal', I've always found them to be more or less Establishment.

17 August 2014

Some Comments on: Dispatches (In God's Name)


This episode of Dispatches is worth watching. It's one of those documentaries where you find yourself not really agreeing with anyone but it's informative and helps to make you aware of what's happening.
It's quite biased but I suppose that must be expected. As I watch this I sometimes wonder why these Christians are consenting to this. Do they not recall the teaching of the Scripture? The world will think we are fools. To put it on display (in this sense) is not helping the cause. We're sideshow freaks to them.

11 August 2014

Christian Media: Fame and Riches

Christian propaganda masquerading as 'news' has generated an endless stream of misinformation and distortion. Sometimes I wonder if Christ's people in the United States have any interest in or concept of truth. My cynicism continues to grow. I should turn it off and quit listening but I can't. This is the diet of the people I interact with. These are the wells from which many Christians drink. These false worldviews are running the Church. The wall that must penetrated in order to free their minds and hearts from these shackles has grown to mammoth proportions.

10 August 2014

Desks, DDT and Delusion

Some time ago I recall radio host Janet Mefferd was quite upset over some pictures that had been released of president Obama with his feet up on the desk in the Oval Office. She (like most Christian media operatives) was piggy-backing off of FOX news that was also kicking up a fuss over the issue.

These people felt that by putting his feet up on the desk he was showing a lack of respect for not only the historic nature of the desk but the dignity of the office... both the Oval office and the office of president.

Mefferd went on extensively about this. She wouldn't let it go. It really bothered her.

09 August 2014

Ukraine: The Manufactured Crisis and Ground Realities


As usual, Margolis exhibits a great deal of wisdom and understanding in his analysis of the Ukraine situation. There are some real threats but not in accordance with the information being propagated by both Western news media and American hawks.

The one thing I think he neglected to mention is that if this situation escalates it could lead to fissures within NATO itself. NATO continues to struggle in finding its reason for existence.

04 August 2014

Russia and a largely unreported event from 2002

While Putin is hardly a 'good guy' our news is in hyper-spin mode right now. It's madness watching it all unfold. It's surreal as we watch the WWI commemorations taking place at the same time. Whether we're talking about the tensions in Eastern Europe or the wars in Syria and Palestine, we are still haunted by its ghosts.

Apart from a handful of news outlets the whole Russian-Ukrainian crisis is being misrepresented. One of the key ways to do this is to ignore the context.