21 April 2014

Newtown and Conspiracy Rules

Continuing in this recent vein it has been brought to my attention that there are some conservatives suggesting that the Obama administration was somehow behind the Newtown or Sandy Hook Massacre.

18 April 2014

A Christian Lamenting Patriots

While I hardly share this author's vision or concerns I nevertheless can largely agree with him on this particular topic... how we should raise our children to think about citizenship.

16 April 2014

Is Taxation Theft?

When Christians ask this question, it's very telling. It's an immediate indicator that they've strayed far from what the Bible teaches regarding the government and how we're to think about it.

Around this time of year there are numerous arguments made by Christians (and Secular Right-Libertarians) that taxation is de facto a form of theft.

My letter to Wal-Mart

Since I mentioned Wal-mart in the last post, I dug out the letter I sent them a couple of years ago. Of course if I'm going to 'cross-off' Wal-mart, where do I draw the line? K-mart? Amazon? Home Depot?
It's not easy and probably an impossible prospect. But we all draw the line somewhere. For me, Wal-mart seemed a good place to start. I had been uneasy and increasingly dubious about them for a long time but like most people I just went along with it.

15 April 2014

A Few Things to Consider on April 15th

Back then long time ago when grass was green
Woke up in a daze...
...Back when income tax was all we had...
...And while you're in this world
The fuzz gonna come and claim you...

Yes it's April 15th again and in the United States that means income taxes are due.
Of course because our tax system is such a mess and the Congress cannot reform it, instead they have had to come up with a myriad of ways to offset the tax burden.

Some Consideration and Perspective on American News Coverage of Ukraine and Christian Attitudes Regarding This and Similar Events

While I think everyone would agree the Russian government is involved in the Eastern Ukrainian secession movement I think it's a bit much when I hear John Kerry speak of Russian operators and provocateurs.

He accuses Putin of trying to foment chaos and destabilize the region.

American media has been completely biased toward the US government position. They give none of the background and have done nothing to place any of it in context. If they did, they would know America has been involved in Ukrainian politics for more than a decade.

Our supposed 'liberal' media operates completely within the confines of the Corporate Establishment which owns the media and most of the political forces within this country.

14 April 2014

The Christian Experience in Romans 7

I'm not a big fan of Nick Batzig or John Piper but I certainly appreciated this.

He's right in pointing out that Romans 7 has long been a controversial passage. Is Paul talking about the Christian life, or his pre-conversion experience?

13 April 2014

The Liturgical Calendar Entering the Low-Church

I may mock the so-called Holy Week and the empty traditions that go with it.

But seriously though, it's remarkable to note the change during the past twenty years. Colson's project has reaped a harvest indeed.

12 April 2014

A Not So Holy Week

Normally this time of year we start singing to the tune of 'Monday, Monday'

Maundy Thursday
Can't trust that day
Oh Maundy Thursday can't use you legitimately
An empty tradition is all that you will ever be

Every other day of the week is fine.... etc...

Yes, it's so-called Holy Week once more. Lots of memories, lots of lessons.

A few links to past articles....

Easter and Holy Week

The Temptation of the Tactile

Easter and Holy Week (Supplement)

An explanation... why I'm critical but I'm not the nasty fellow you might take me for. I tend to speak in the same spirit we witness in the Lollards and others who didactically mocked the traditions of Rome... many of which Protestantism embraced. I always chuckle about the Lollard who upon hearing the church bell declared it would serve better if it were hung about a cow's neck.


Deceptions and Fallacies in Politicization

It is abundantly clear to anyone familiar with my writing that I believe there are times when criticism needs to be levied. As we speak out and 'war' against the evils and deceptions that we see, we must careful to avoid fallacy. As Christians we must be cautious to not use incoherent arguments, or appeal to the wrong type of authority, or caricature those whom we would oppose.

08 April 2014

Revived McCarthyism and Cohn's Hypocrisy

The head of Mozilla has been placed at center-stage in a growing controversy.

Increasingly public figures that have stood against the normalization of homosexuality are being denounced and forced out of their positions. This is happening in the media, academia and even the business world.

07 April 2014

Investment Capital in the Digital Age

In the wake of Wikileaks and the financial meltdown of 2008-2009, we're also continuing to learn more about the nature of Capitalism in the digital age.

In many ways the changes are so broad that it must be questioned if some of the typical paradigm-arguments for Capitalism are still applicable. The arguments that try and suggest the Free Market is simply consumers 'voting' with their dollars is no longer applicable, and hasn't been for quite some time.

06 April 2014

The Real Issue in the Nutrition Wars

When considering what must be called the Nutrition Wars I think many are actually missing the real issue.

By Nutrition Wars I mean the whole range of argument and debate over organic vs. industrial foods, arguments over preservatives and chemicals and so forth.

05 April 2014

Your Digital Papers Please

The Establishment or Power Elite fear the connectivity available in the new technologies. Never before have the ruling regimes and their corporate collaborators felt such fear. I don't believe they are primarily afraid of terrorists along the lines of Al Qaeda. These surveillance and police programmes as well as some of the strategic goals of the War on Terror antedate 2001.

04 April 2014

April 4, 1968

I woke up this morning with these song lyrics playing in my head...

A Clue to Common Core

Many believe Common Core represents a clandestine attack or perhaps a set-up for a future attack on Home Schooling. To some it's just a power-grab by the Federal Government.

02 April 2014

Why the Critical Tone?

My criticisms can be pretty harsh and at times to the point that it will turn some people off. I've had friends tell me they would forward my posts to others but it would be 'dumping too much' on them. Rather than challenge them in a helpful way, it would put them off.

I agree and I am well aware of this. For some this is just too much.

Part of me apologizes and part of me doesn't.

01 April 2014

The Churchill Cult and Vladimir Putin


Listening to Albert Mohler incessantly attack Putin I realized that he's one of the Evangelicals that can rightly be called a Churchill Worshipper.

Dobson famously had a huge portrait of Winston hanging behind his desk and Evangelicals were particularly vexed over an incident regarding a Churchill bust when Obama came into the White House. They reported that wrong as well.