27 August 2016

A False Prophetic Message Concerning Donald Trump


To borrow from false prophet Hal Lindsey, we might say 'Satan is alive and well on the planet Earth'.

This 9 minute excerpt demonstrates the utter folly of the modern Charismatic movement... and this has nothing to do with tongues.

24 August 2016

The US Stratagem: ISIS, Baghdad and Beijing


Nouri al-Maliki's tenure as Iraqi prime minister was disastrous for US policy regarding Iraq. He divided the country, amplifying the divisions between the ethnic and religious groups and moved Baghdad toward Iran, Russia and even China.

22 August 2016

Cold War II and Macedonia

On a related note to the Balkan/Brexit article more could be said regarding Macedonia. While Serbia is perhaps the most emotional ally for Moscow, trouble has been brewing in nearby Macedonia.

21 August 2016

The Campaign Against Corbyn Continues


The quest to drive Jeremy Corbyn from Labour leadership has not abated. Though the UK political situation is not grabbing the same headlines it did a few weeks ago, the British Establishment is nevertheless concerned. The government of Theresa May is not well established and there is this ever-gnawing fear and real possibility of a snap election.

These scenarios mean Corbyn could still end up becoming Prime Minister. And to those in the Establishment... that cannot happen.

The Labour Leadership poll at the end of September will prove a critical moment. If they fail to drive Corbyn from power, then the Establishment will become very desperate.

20 August 2016

Deep State Players in 1976

Cohn, Buckley and Felt

I find these old videos to be fascinating. This is just a clip. You can watch the full video on Amazon. This particular episode is interesting because you have 'former' CIA agent and founder of modern Conservatism William Buckley interviewing Mark Felt aka 'Deep Throat' though no one knew it at the time. This show takes place in 1976.

18 August 2016

McCarthyism Redivivus

There have been numerous reports as of late that have rightly charged the Trump campaign with Neo-McCarthyism. His 'Extreme Vetting' which when dissected starts to sound like a loyalty test. Trump is more or less advocating the renewal of HUAC, the House Un-American Activities Committee, which was basically a standing inquisition-type commission with great powers to investigate and destroy. Vetting would likely lead to deportation of alien residents and it isn't hard to see that expanding into a domestic Blacklist directed against citizens.

The implications of this combined with the current culture of law enforcement and the Patriot Act is a cause for great concern.

17 August 2016

China, the US, UNCLOS and Australia

The UN Conference on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) represents a classic case of US manipulation and hypocrisy. Washington helped to craft the treaty and has utilised it as a standard by which to judge and even coerce other nations.

But the United States itself refuses to be party to it. The US instead plays by a different set of rules and extends its boundary waters far beyond the claims of any other nation.

13 August 2016

Enlightenment, Feminism and the Burkini Breaking Point

One thing you can say about the European Right... it's definitely rooted in the Enlightenment. Well, that statement would not be applicable to every version of the European Right and yet it certainly applies to the mayor of Cannes.

The Burkini is deemed immoral. It must be banned.

Toplessness and public nudity are moral because they represent individualist Enlightenment culture.

11 August 2016

09 August 2016

The Bankruptcy of Grudem and Evangelicalism


While some of the people who denounce Grudem hardly represent positions in line with Scripture, this endorsement comes as no surprise. Grudem's ignorance of Scripture, history, law and the totality of his thought have long exhibited a trajectory of error. His endorsement of Trump is little more than the consequence or outcome. Grudem is revered by many and yet epitomises the Evangelical trajectory toward compromise with the world in order to seek power and approbation.

07 August 2016

Natural Gas and Strategy Within Asia


Steve Coll argues that Exxon pursues its own foreign policy and is willing to contradict the wishes of official US policy. Maybe, but in other cases it's all too clear that Exxon works in concert with US policy and certainly with the US Establishment. It is well documented that the CIA has so infiltrated Wall Street and the corporate sector that sometimes they're hard to tell apart.

05 August 2016

Varieties of the Drug War: The Duterte Model and the USA


Duterte wishes to implement a police state. Interestingly a War on Drugs is a vehicle he is employing to bring this about. Under the pretense of cleaning up society, he's actually subjugating it and expanding his power.

03 August 2016

Homeschool Success?


Redefining Christian is more like it. I won't revisit the whole premise of the Christian-political project and the heresy which undergirds it, but it continues to interest me how the quest for power leads to acculturation and the embrace of soft-feminism and a host of other worldly characteristics. This poor deceived young woman has all the lingo and has been well indoctrinated into Christian Sacralist categories. 1 Peter chapters 2-3 must be utterly mysterious to her as she has utterly rejected them as has the whole movement and theology which undergirds HSLDA and Patrick Henry College.

02 August 2016

The DNC and the Russian Hack

Just a few follow-up notes regarding the DNC claim that the Kremlin is behind the email hack.

First, even if it is true, which at this point I am not convinced, the DNC is trying to spin the story. What they are desperate to avoid is a serious investigation of the content of the emails and even worse, publicity.

The Green Party Exposed

As I mentioned in a previous post, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have exposed themselves as frauds, willing to compromise and capitulate in order to retain political standing and relevance. For either of these figures to endorse Hillary Clinton is beyond comprehension and unconscionable.  The rhetoric is sickening, exposing their fraudulent and hypocritical campaigning. They either don't believe in their anti-corporate and anti-Wall Street rhetoric to begin with or in the end it is revealed as little more than a populist tool to garner a disaffected portion of the electorate. These people could apparently just as happily take up another issue if it would get them the popularity they so evidently crave.

01 August 2016

The Christian Right's Misread of European Homeschooling and the UN


While I obviously sympathise with homeschoolers in France what this article typically omits is the motivation for these legislative changes. The American Right would point to European 'liberals' and their desire to force a secular conformity.

North Carolina, the NBA and the Christian Response


If Evangelicals want to be consistent, the time has come to turn off and abandon the National Basketball Association. The NBA caved to public pressure and moved the All-Star game from Charlotte because of the North Carolina law against trans-gender inclusivism. If the NBA has embraced sin, then it must be rejected and not supported through television commercial revenue based on ratings and/or ticket and merchandise sales.

29 July 2016

The American Media, its Geopolitics, and Erdogan

It is truly amazing to watch the coverage of the fallout from the Turkish coup. It's fairly obvious the US Establishment supported the coup effort as Erdogan is made the arch-villain. There's real anger directed against him. All the focus is on him and his crackdown. What do you expect him to do? Of course he's purging the system. He's trying to avoid a repeat which he knows is coming.

Trump's Dangerous Antics

Trump isn't just anti-Establishment or reformist, he's anti-social, his antics and behaviour run the risk of unraveling society.

25 July 2016

The Brexit and the Balkans

This is an important but missed story related to the Brexit and the status of the EU. As Brussels is in a state of semi-turmoil, negotiations surrounding EU membership for Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia, Serbia and Macedonia will certainly be delayed if not thrown into question. This is despite public assurances to the contrary.

22 July 2016

Faux News Shakeup

Is it a great shock that Roger Ailes has been exposed as a deviant and a lecher? From its inception FOX news has been about appealing to the anger and lust of white American men. The channel has always utilised bimbo-types to appeal to the audience. This is the legacy of Ailes, an old master manipulator-strategist who helped Nixon to get elected. Audiences are ignorant dupes to be manipulated and Ailes was good at it.

20 July 2016

Day 3 Drama at the RNC

Though Ted Cruz's speech at the RNC was full of lies, myths and distortions I have to say it took some chutzpah to show up, work the audience into a state of Right-wing ecstasy and then refuse to endorse Trump.

17 July 2016

On the Death of Sydney Schanberg

Known for his reporting on the Bangladesh Genocide and War of Independence, but most famous for his reporting on Cambodia's Killing Fields, Schanberg was haunted by firsthand experience of the evils of human nature and the fallout of imperialist policy and wars.

16 July 2016

A False Coup Pinned on the Deep State?

In the Byzantine world of Turkish politics this interpretation was inevitable... the suggestion that the coup itself was fake. It was an attempt by Erdogan to consolidate power.

The Dystopian Moment

Newt Gingrich wants to curtail free speech and expand government surveillance. The implications of his statements are staggering. He's advocating religious tests. The government will judge the nuances of your belief system. If the Christian Right and their Right-wing allies every gained absolute power, how long before 'heretics' like me would face their wrath and reading websites like this one would be illegal?

15 July 2016

Media Coverage of the Turkish Coup

Tonight while watching the coverage on France24, SkyNews, BBC and elsewhere the anchors continuously speak with Establishment connected analysts, ex-bureaucrat-apparatchiks, and Wall Street and Washington connected think-tank operatives. It's been very frustrating.

Is Erdogan in Control?

Sadly (for me) I wrote this on 7 July 2016 but had not published it...

With regard to Erdogan and the confusion over Turkish policy and tactics I think the question must be asked.... Does Turkish President Erdogan control his military?

13 July 2016

Texaco, Fascism and the US Establishment

Adam Hochschild has written a new book about the Spanish Civil War and the role played by Americans in the conflict on both the Left and Right. In particular he provides some very interesting and (for some) enlightening information about Texaco under Chairman Torkild Rieber who sold oil to and supported both Franco and Hitler throughout the 1930's.

09 July 2016

Brexit: The End of Atlanticism?

This is precisely what the US did not want to see. While Germany has all but subjugated itself to US domination, and in recent years this has been amplified by the so-called War on Terror and the move toward a police state, Berlin (as well as Paris) long for some independence and ability to call their own shots.

08 July 2016

Teary Blair

Tony Blair won't be going to The Hague to face charges at the ICC. He needn't fear that but I thought it interesting that he teared up while interacting with the press.

Is he genuinely remorseful about the Iraq War and the fact that the Chilcot Report has found him at fault in leading the country into a war on false pretenses?

06 July 2016

The Truth About the War

As the years pass I am increasingly burdened by the quantity and volume of lies that are perpetrated in the world. Truly it is a world of deception and manipulation. I think the reality and burden of this is something that comes with age as the whole of your knowledge and experience begin to weigh on you.

Or perhaps it is indeed getting worse out there. I'm not sure.

05 July 2016

Corbyn Won't Go... No General Election for Now

The Conservative Party (and perhaps the larger Establishment) is trying to avoid a general election. By Cameron stepping down they've created a situation in which a no-confidence vote seems out-of-sync with transpiring events. The No-Confidence vote would force a snap election.

This would allow Corbyn or whoever leads Labour to have a shot at the majority and the position of prime minister. The Right-wing within Labour tried to oust Corbyn but he's being intransigent and refuses to back down.

04 July 2016

Good News out of Norway

Once again I must say that I'm not a fan of HSLDA, or a member, but I do receive their emailed newsletters. We homeschool our children and HSLDA is a sometimes helpful, though not always candid, source of information.

03 July 2016

There's Something Rotten in Istanbul... and Pennsylvania

Why isn't ISIS claiming responsibility for the Istanbul airport attack?

Perhaps because they're not responsible.

I realise that's not an acceptable position to voice but considering the circumstances one must question the official narrative.

ISIS has not claimed responsibility. Why not? Usually they're quite eager to lay claim to attacks, even if (like in Orlando) they had nothing (operationally) to do with it.

The Death of a Giant, the Passing of a Generation

I often have disagreed with Elie Wiesel but I cannot help but respect him. I cannot fully fathom what he endured and long ago I was moved by his story and his writings. His death is but another reminder of that passing generation that grew up in what must seem to them a different world.

02 July 2016

The Trump Express

There have been rumblings for some time but they're starting to grow a little louder.

Is Donald Trump for real?

Personally I don't care but I find it interesting because so many Christians have bought into his vision and have embraced him. Much could be said about that but what if in the end, he's just a fraud?

Well, we know he's a fraud and always has been. But what if his whole candidacy is a fraud?

01 July 2016

Tragic Deaths in the Levant: Some Matter and Some Don't

The recent death of an Israeli teenage girl in a West Bank settlement is tragic. It was a dastardly and reprehensible act.

What is more tragic is the way in which Western and particularly Christian media cover the event.

30 June 2016

Boris Johnson's Brexit

Charles de Gaulle blocked British entry into the EEC because he was convinced London was a proxy for the Americans. De Gaulle was weary of American domination. Yes, they were glad the United States arrived in 1944 but instead of a liberation they found American dominance was starting to feel like occupation. The US would continue to work against de Gaulle and he certainly reciprocated in agitating US interests.

On what I believe to be a related issue...

29 June 2016

Legalising Corruption


Yes, this is what is needed, laxity with regard to political corruption. The court that ratified Citizens United (which is actually related to this issue) now conspires to lower the bar for corrupt politicians. These are the people that should be held to a higher standard and should face much harsher penalties. Instead, all too often they are given a free pass.

The Bishop of Rome and Byzantine Politics


The media is focusing on the Turkish-Armenian relationship and the politics of the 1915 genocide.

28 June 2016

Abortion and the Wild West Approach to Law

Texas lost its Supreme Court battle over abortion. While abortion is an abomination I can't say that I feel very sorry for the so-called Pro-Life movement and its attempts to destroy it.

They argue that this was about women's health. No, it wasn't and they've been called out. This was politics pure and simple. It was an attempt to undermine and subvert the law... not a very conservative position or tactic.

28 June 1914

An important date in history. It was the catalyst for all that came after.


Warren and Sanders are Complete Frauds


Hillary Clinton would be very foolish to pick Elizabeth Warren as a running mate.

That aside, what's striking here is that Elizabeth Warren has exposed herself as a sell-out.

Call the Bureaucrat-Sorcerers

If the GOP had any imagination at all they would hire some Presbyterians to fix the convention. There's got to be a way to subvert the convention and through some kind of parliamentary procedure force Trump out and take the nomination away from him.

26 June 2016

Corbyn Must Go!

(updated 1230 EST)

Suddenly with the possibility of a general election this Fall the British Establishment is determined to see Corbyn gone. If it was just the Conservative Party picking a new leader (Boris Johnson) that would be one thing, but increasingly it's looking like a general election. That means there's a possibility Labour could come into power. This is further exacerbated by the sharp divisions within the Conservative Party. The country may look to new leadership.

25 June 2016

Cameron's Miscalculation

There's a lesson here for everyone because few saw the Brexit coming. The vote was going to be close, but most people thought it would be a repeat of the Scottish Independence Referendum... a close, but not quite.

The Anti-Establishment is on the rise. In the United States we have the Tea Party and Trump. Britain has UKIP. The Five-Star movement in Italy has just scored major victories. And, Right-wing parties while not quite seizing power (in most cases) are starting to really shake things up.

23 June 2016

Conspiracies in the Hyper-Partisan Context


This article is correct in the way in which it navigates this question. Even if the US has at some point supported ISIS directly or indirectly via means of proxies it does not follow that Obama supports and/or facilitated what happened in Orlando. It's interesting because the conspiratorial element is not wholly disavowed but tweaked. I appreciate the nuance.

22 June 2016

Manchurian Candidates, Keystone Cops or Something Else?

G4S is one of many companies that is heavily linked with the US-intelligence apparatus and the Corporatocracy. Conspiracists will wonder if Orlando shooter Mateen isn't some kind of Manchurian Candidate. Of course it is rather suspicious when one considers his background and the fact that he was well known to authorities. This pattern is repeating as we have seen more or less the same thing with regard to the recent terror attacks in Europe.

21 June 2016

An Ominous Anniversary: 22 June 1941

Remembering Barbarossa

Seventy-five years ago Germany unleashed a massive assault on the Soviet Union opening up the Eastern Front, the largest battleground in human history. Tens of millions would die over the next four years and the Eastern Front would take on a particularly sinister and horrific character with genocide, death camps, and ethnic cleansing. It was a brutal chapter in human history, the real heart of the war and for the people that lived through it... it can never be forgotten.

18 June 2016

Relationships as a Euphemism for Recruitment and Corruption


There are only hints of CIA recruitment associated with this particular programme and yet it is exactly the kind of venue utilised by the US Establishment to 'establish relationships' with future world leaders.

14 June 2016

Feeding on the Corpse of Brazil

At this point it's difficult to point to hard evidence but there are rumours, suggestions and hints that the toppling of Rousseff in Brazil has at the very least been instigated by forces associated with the United States. The case is growing almost by the day.

12 June 2016

Misconceptions About Teen Unemployment and the Minimum Wage

You might see these little banners and graphs depicting the plunging rate of teen employment and this is usually followed by some declarative statement about the minimum wage kills jobs etc...

07 June 2016

The Saudi Gambit


Earlier this year PBS' Frontline put out a documentary on Saudi Arabia. Frontline is a good show when it comes to covering domestic controversies. I have found it to be seriously lacking and rather slanted when it comes to covering anything international. I usually feel like I'm watching a propaganda video issued by the State Department.

05 June 2016

The Feminist Double-Standard on Display in Ottawa

Recently there was a big stink in the news about Canadian PM Trudeau 'elbowing' a fellow MP who was part of a group trying to physically block a vote.

04 June 2016

A Lost Soul, an Icon... with some integrity

Muhammad Ali was an intriguing figure regardless of whether you like boxing or not. I grew up in the household of a boxing fanatic. Even though my father was about as Right-wing as they come, Ali intrigued him. His conversion to Islam and his anti-war stance were not appreciated but when the guy appeared on the scene he could fight like no one else.

He was by all accounts amazing even if obnoxious and outrageous in his presentation. He came across as unbelievably arrogant and yet he could back up his words.

And yet he gave it all up because he refused to go to Vietnam.

03 June 2016

02 June 2016

Two Kingdom Theology in its Compromised Form


This article is an affront to morality and Biblical sensibilities. All too often what passes as Reformed Two Kingdom Theology manifests itself in this type of mostly Sacralist, certainly Kuyperian and loosely Constantinian format. While not wishing to formalise a so-called Christian state it nevertheless champions the legacy of so-called Western Christendom. While its advocates may be anti-Theonomic and so-called Amillennialists, their embrace of Dominionist categories both in the end and on a practical level brings them to more or less the same place. In terms of ethics they might as well be Post-millenarians of the old stripe.