09 December 2016

The CIA and Ivory Coast

This Wikileaks file dates from 2012 but it's instructive with regard to Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast). What is sometimes referred to as the 2nd Civil War took place only the year before in 2011. France was the official backer of current president Alassane Ouattara and helped to track down and capture former president Laurent Gbagbo who is now being held by the ICC.

Even a cursory glance at this file makes it pretty clear that Ouattara is a creature of Washington. His biography reveals significant Western connections (Ivy League and IMF) and it's clear that both France and the United States wanted Gbagbo out of office. His time of usefulness had come to an end and from the West's perspective, a leader looking West rather than toward China was desirable.

06 December 2016

R Scott Clark's Obfuscations and Westminster West's GOP-friendly Two Kingdom Theology


There are two reasons I wish to respond to this piece by R Scott Clark. One is I think it provides an example of Westminster West's Two Kingdom Theology in action and demonstrates that its views (especially in application) are a far cry from 'radical' or 'Anabaptist'. This is to correct the false assertions of both Lutheran and Theonomist theologians.

Second, I think his piece is misleading on several points and deserves a response.

04 December 2016

Italy: Shaken by Earthquakes both geological and political

2016: It's a year of earthquakes in Italy. Earlier this year, several villages crumbled into the dust, broken by the force of the earth. Today, Italy's political order has been shaken and its Establishment finds itself under a cloud of uncertainty and threat.

Inbox: How will Trump's presidency affect the progress of Dominionism within the American Church?

A good question.

As of December 2016, I don't really know. On the one hand the Christian Right turning to Trump seems like a defeat of their principles and thus to some extent a self-inflicted death-wound to their movement.

European Nationalism and NATO


The issue of creating an EU Army command is dividing the nationalists of Europe. On the one hand it affords an opportunity to break free of NATO and US dominance, or more properly can initiate a process toward that end. No one is suggesting that NATO is going to just go away. It is already becoming apparent through the Trump's cabinet picks that an Anti-NATO or Anti-Atlanticist doctrine is not going to govern his administration.

02 December 2016

The Sacralist Two Kingdom Theology of Westminster West (Escondido)


I include this as a supplement to the Lutheran Two Kingdom piece which extensively referenced and interacted with the Two Kingdom theology advocated by Westminster Theological Seminary (West) in Escondido California.

I rather enjoyed this 45 minute talk. Though I did not agree with everything said, I appreciated the reflections and found it worthwhile.

29 November 2016

The Re-Alignment of India

India's geopolitical shift involves a complicated dance in order to maintain a network of relationships. On the one hand India has moved toward a military alliance with the United States and the establishment of closer economic ties with the West. At the same time India is still entangled in historic alliances with Russia which involve joint military projects as well as a commitment to BRICS, the international banking order meant to counter and check the dominance of Western organisations such as the World Bank and IMF.

27 November 2016

The Latest on Cold War II in the Balkans and Caucasus

The series of proxy battles and posturing continues. One thing is clear the lines are becoming more distinct and increasingly turning to battle lines.

26 November 2016

Pivot Collapse: Thailand's Junta Moves Toward Moscow and Beijing

There are so many aspects of the US election that have been covered and yet American mainstream media has largely failed to report on the international effects.

The collapse of TPP and the movement of the EU toward autonomy in light of Brexit are perhaps somewhat known but there have also been some interesting developments in Asia. While the Philippine's Duterte has made the news for cursing Obama and cozying up to Beijing there are other stories that point to the American 'Pivot' being in jeopardy.

25 November 2016

Parenting, Values and Culture


I don't really know much about the author but his columns often appear in the local newspaper. Sometimes the advice is good and I admit this despite my general hostility to the theological and philosophical underpinnings of psychology and much of the counseling movement.

20 November 2016

Elections and Establishment: The 2016 US Presidential Drama and the French Centre-Right Primaries

The numbers aren't fully in yet but it would appear that Francois Fillon has won the first round of the French Centre-Right primary and will face Alain Juppe in the second round. Juppe will likely win the primaries and has a very good chance of being the next president of France. This represents a stunning defeat of former president Nicholas Sarkozy. Sarkozy was the obvious favourite of the US Establishment and his defeat will be disappointing to some within the US power structure. This isn't to say they can't work with Juppe as well, but Sarkozy in particular was beloved in Washington for moving Paris solidly into the US and NATO orbit.

18 November 2016

Finance Capital and the Shopping Mall


The destructive and wasteful nature of Finance Capitalism is on display. Profit margins must always increase and this imperative produces its much celebrated dynamism.

But how destructive it is! Resources are wasted, communities are in constant upheaval and what is the price that is paid by individuals and families as this system generates, nay is founded on a constant game of instability?

17 November 2016

Rwandan Secrets and the Ethics of Dominion

Rwanda's Paul Kagame has been in the news recently as questions have re-emerged regarding his possible role in the shoot-down of President Habyarimana's plane in 1994, the event which triggered the Rwandan Genocide. The slaughter perpetrated by Hutu Interahamwe militias was ended when Kagame and his Tutsi fighters, backed by Uganda and the United States entered Rwanda and drove the Hutu militias into Zaire/Congo. This later contributed to the breakup of Zaire and the subsequent Congo Wars.

Kagame has always denied playing any part in the shoot-down and he has counter-charged France with complicity in the genocide through aiding the Hutu government and providing training and assistance to those who committed the genocide. France had been backing the Hutu government and had opposed Kagame as a tool of American imperialism.

13 November 2016

An EU Military Union in the Works?


As mentioned in previous articles, the Brexit kicked open the door for France and Germany to pursue a degree of autonomy and begin to establish themselves as the permanent leaders of the EU. Through various mechanisms Europe has been largely controlled by the United States since the end of World War II. The EU project while ostensibly designed to balance power and common interests, it has instead consolidated them in the hands of the most powerful factions. The British exit has further concentrated the power in Paris and Berlin and now there is a strong push for the creation of a unified European military command that would operate outside US control.

12 November 2016

Providence at Work in the European Immigrant Crisis


Amidst the horrors of war and social collapse, God's Providence works in mysterious ways. Immigrants fleeing for their lives and hoping for a better tomorrow are in some cases finding not just a new life in Europe but a new life in Christ.

A New Black Sea Front within Cold War II


The tension increases as both sides continue a process of escalation. This build-up is reminiscent of what occurred in 1983 as US exercises, rhetoric and posturing pushed the USSR to a point of paranoid frenzy. This culminated with the shoot-down of Korean Air Lines flight 007 near Sakhalin.

10 November 2016

The Domestic Consequences of German Militarism (Part 2)

Once again German militarism comes with a cost to domestic society, privacy and free speech. Don't think for a moment this won't affect the press and a host of other issues.

Militarism drives the state into the mode of fear... fear of enemies and fear as a tool to keep the populace in line.

Notice the quote... the BND must be active in detecting 'early threats to the domestic and external security of Germany'.

07 November 2016

Homeschooled Stormtroopers

Homeschooled young men joining the military...

It seems like it's been happening a lot lately and it grieves me to no end.

I have witnessed several incidents of homeschooling families who have laboured for years to raise their children 'different' who have separated from family, churches and friends in order to maintain the standards and ideals they believed were right...

Only to hand over their sons to the US military.

06 November 2016

The Silver Lining of the Trump Fiasco

Maybe there's a silver lining to this whole Trump episode. The Libertarian-Tea Party wing and now the Trumpites have smashed the GOP both in terms of a consensus and as a unified institution.

We don't know yet what the fallout will be after November 2016. If the movement perpetuates, the GOP will probably fail to recover. This may be the effectual end of the Two-Party duopoly.

04 November 2016

Culture Warriors: Form Without Substance

Recently I was poking around on Facebook and encountered someone I knew from a couple of years ago. I've thought about this guy quite often. He grew up in Reformed circles but admitted that he knew very little in the way of doctrine. This came up during a conversation after services in which I tried to engage him a bit on some issues that had come up in the sermon. He didn't have the vocabulary, familiarity with the doctrine... or with the text for that matter.

What did his parents teach him?

02 November 2016

Trump and the Semblance of Dignity

I've mentioned this before but I wanted to put it into a brief post.

In the 1990s so many lamented the lack of dignity and gravitas that the Clintons brought to the White House. Many, myself included, all but wretched watching the Clinton's dance to Fleetwood Mac on Inauguration night. The bearing and sobriety of the World War II generation was gone and it was clear that the Boomers had arrived.

31 October 2016

Halloween Compromise


This article is making the rounds. It's the same argument Evangelicals have been making for years.

Evangelicalism and its 'desire' to be relevant is a creature and vehicle of worldly compromise. This article represents scripture manipulation at its finest but somehow manages to ignore the point... what is the argument against Halloween? The article never bothers to interact with the notion. It instead assumes the Dominionist line about conquering and redeeming the culture and it hides its cowardly compromise by pretending to have a robust theology.

30 October 2016

The Citibank Revelation

For all the coverage the Clinton email leaks are receiving 'the' story is not getting that much attention.

The real revelation came with the Citibank emails. This wasn't even so much about the corruptions of the Clintons as it was the compromised nature of the system itself.

Bearing the Cross in Southern Chile


This article is interesting for many reasons but I post it here because of a line near the end...

Christianity, they argue, has brought many to leave the defence of their social rights.

The Mapuche people are angry because of their social situation and view Evangelical converts as traitors.

27 October 2016

The Cambridge Spy Ring: Unfinished Tales


For anyone who is an espionage buff, this article references a still unfinished chapter from one of the great stories of the Cold War. The story contains so many layers it's hard to take it all in.

Mainstream Media, the Yemen Conflict and Social Consensus

This article provides an excellent summation (with numerous examples) of how the Mainstream media protects the Establishment. The Right-Left divide is largely fictitious. The differences are located within the pro-Wall Street, pro-Pentagon, pro-Imperial consensus. This is true from FOX to MSNBC and everything else in-between.

Also exposed is the rank hypocrisy on the part of US media and US officials regarding civilian casualties, weaponisation of conflicts etc...

24 October 2016

Russian State Persecution, Western Money and the Heritage Foundation

There are a growing number of reports regarding Russian state harassment of Evangelical groups. They're being bullied about property, registration and in some cases fund raising. The state is making it clear that they're not particularly welcome and they're being watched.

These actions are starting to garner attention from Evangelical leaders and ministries. Of course this also dovetails nicely with the US Establishment's propaganda campaign directed at Moscow and the march to war.

John McCain's Concern for the Indiscriminate Bombing of Civilians

John McCain was recently in the news again calling for US intervention in Syria. Never one to shy away from warmongering and ever the champion of American militarism, McCain decried Assad's 'indiscriminate bombing' of civilians and blamed him for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Syrians.

I was left spluttering.

22 October 2016

The Investiture Controversy in China


I have no stake or real interest in Catholic ecclesiology or geopolitics but this move by Francis should rightly be decried as a sell-out. In seeking peace for Roman Catholics in China he has all but capitulated to Beijing's demands. This will not earn him many friends among Catholics in China and certainly not among them in the United States.

A Candid Admission Regarding the Christian Right


I'm not an admirer of Michael Farris, HSLDA or Patrick Henry College but this short article is worth a few minutes of your time. It contains a very candid and compelling admission. While I reject much of what Farris stands and fights for I appreciate his honesty on this point and his admission that the Christian Right has lost its way.

20 October 2016

Trump and Taking Social Stability for Granted

The media is suddenly making a big deal about Trump's refusal to commit to the election results. This is a surprise? He's indicated this all along, but suddenly they seem to be paying attention.

Ecuador Under Pressure and Hillary's Desire to Drone

Ecuador has cut Julian Assange's internet access. What's going on here? Is Ecuador under serious pressure from the United States? We know that's the case, but it has been for some time. So why now?

19 October 2016

Right-Wing Terror and Sovereign Citizens


This case breaks with the all too common FBI provocateur urging on and entrapping some misguided fool. These men look to be the real thing.

There's actually a lot of this type of Right-wing terror going on but the media (generally speaking) is not making a great deal of noise about it.

Switzerland's Loss of Neutrality


Terrorism is being used as justification to break Swiss neutrality. The All-Seeing Eye wants access to every secret, every byte and bit of data. Switzerland is autonomous but dependent, reliant on a symbiotic relationship with global finance.

18 October 2016

The Intercept's Clinton Email Coverage

The Intercept has been doing a tremendous job reporting on the Clinton email leaks. I've provided numerous links here. Right now they're easy to locate on the site but in another week or two it will take a lot of scrolling or searching to locate them. This list is for those who want to look into this issue at a later date... assuming the links stay active.

17 October 2016

The Montenegrin Microcosm

There were reports that numerous websites associated Montenegrin politics were hacked today and the suggestion was that Russia was probably behind it. Montenegro is yet another Balkan country caught in the middle of Cold War II. It's a battlefield in miniature. Historically and culturally the Eastern Orthodox Slavic peoples of the region have looked toward Russia but post-1991 NATO and the EU have been determined to 'scoop up' every last nation of the former Warsaw Pact into their orbit.

16 October 2016

The Costs and Dangers of Militarism

There is an ongoing debate in ruling class circles over the question of conscription. In recent years the Neo-Conservative wing led by figures like Donald Rumsfeld wanted a light and flexible volunteer force highly reliant on technology and sophisticated weaponry.

Sadly (for them) this was also combined with a commitment to unilateralist thinking leading to an over-taxing of US military resources. By the end of the Bush administration the US military was almost broken.

12 October 2016

The Syria Swindle and its Dangers

Led by the State Department, elements within the US Establishment are clamouring for greater involvement within the Syria War. Putin and Assad are being accused of war crimes and the media is doing all it can to escalate the tension.
The truth is the US has been behind the Syrian 'uprising' since the beginning. It's been a mostly bogus proxy war and was instigated by the United States and key NATO allies. They have flooded the conflict with weapons, money and fighters.
And yet, it's near collapse. Their Islamist (often al Qaeda affiliated) militias are near collapse. These are the fighters (arranged under multiple structures) that have beheaded children, terrorised and murdered civilians and engaged in other deeds equally worthy of the 'war crimes' label.

Spurgeon on the Unrighteousness of War

A great quote from Charles Spurgeon. Isn't it interesting how when Bible-based Christians are not wielding political power, as indeed Non-conformists in 19th century Great Britain certainly were not, there is no zeal for empire, for conquest, for the 'glory' of the nation. Establishment Christianity whether formal or simply the result of a contrived theological narrative is a poison to the Christian soul. How quickly does it invert the ethics of the Christian Church!

10 October 2016

Missiles in Kaliningrad

Overshadowed by other media events regarding Donald Trump and the presidential debate (sic), reports emerged that Russia has moved missiles into Kaliningrad, a small enclave about the size of Connecticut located on the Baltic between Poland and Lithuania. Kaliningrad (formerly the Prussian city of Königsberg), was captured by the Soviets in the latter stages of WWII. During Soviet times the city and its surrounding area was contiguous with the rest of the nation as Lithuania was also part of the Soviet Union. When the USSR broke up, it became an isolated exclave, a legacy of World War II and the defunct German state of Prussia which was completely dismantled in 1947.

07 October 2016

October Surprises: The DNC, Putin and Assange

It has been well known for some time that Wikileaks' Julian Assange was planning an 'October Surprise' for Hillary Clinton and at last it has come in the form of leaked speech transcripts. At last we have some information regarding Hillary Clinton's rather highly paid and controversial speeches to Goldman Sachs.

The analysis is hardly complete but already they reveal an 'unveiled' Hillary Clinton and more or less confirm what many already thought. She's an Establishment figure and has no qualms about taking public positions that can be contrasted with her real 'private' feelings and the policies she will pursue. Like most politicians, she's a phony.

A Note on the Constitution Party's Nativism

The anti-globalist and Nativist forces in the United States continue to fail in their understanding of how US power works. Just recently I perused a Constitution Party pamphlet left on a retail counter by a disgruntled Christian-Right Cruz supporter who refuses to back Trump.

05 October 2016

Demonising Salva Kiir and the China Factor in South Sudan

At one time Salva Kiir was a hero in US foreign policy circles. He was the face of the South Sudan project, a long US-backed effort to wrest the southern portions of Sudan and its oil away from the control of Khartoum in the north. The new nation's genesis was a blow both to the Khartoum regime, a regional nemesis of Washington's interests and Beijing which had been heavily invested in the Sudanese oil sector.
The creation of a new state with its capital in Juba was a diplomatic and geostrategic success, a double victory that achieved both regional and global aims.

01 October 2016

Mainstream Media's Anti-Russian Campaign


This piece ran about a month ago on NPR and yet it is but one example among many. The US Establishment is seeking to reconstitute the Cold War and while China is one villain, the chief antagonist is Russia under Vladimir Putin.

The lies grow wearisome. Putin is hardly a virtuous character but US accusations are disingenuous, rooted in arrogance and extremely hypocritical.

The fact that the Mainstream media has embraced conspiracy theories regarding Russia tells us a great deal about their role.

29 September 2016

Economic and Political Intrigue Surrounding Deutsche Bank, Apple and the European Union

In a previous piece, we mentioned the German-French project to form a new military command which has frustrated and angered Washington. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg gave tepid support to a new Brussels command in a public statement but it's clear this is a move on the part of Berlin to consolidate power in a moment of US weakness.

28 September 2016

A Few Thoughts on the Death of Shimon Peres, the Israeli Nuclear Programme and Apartheid South Africa

Shimon Peres will be praised as a man of peace, the Israeli dove who sought reconciliation. He was anything but.

There are numerous works which detail the Israeli nuclear weapons programme. Suffice it to say, Peres was a key player in that story. It's on my list of things to write about but first I need to finish the twenty or so already written pieces, let alone the fifty or so that exist in note form. I've just got too much on my plate at the moment. Despite that I cannot help but 'jump in' as events dictate. The story is a fascinating one and ranges from Africa to France and the United States.

27 September 2016

Brzezinski's Pivot or Recalibration?


This is a very interesting article and some will find it surprising. Brzezinski is villainised by many. He's considered part of the Globalist Cabal, a Rockefeller protégé turned puppetmaster, a collaborator, counterpart and friendly rival of Henry Kissinger. He has navigated many circles within politics, business and academia.

His 1997 book The Grand Chessboard became famous in the alternative media and conspiracy circles. This was the book that laid out the plans for the American Empire and predicated it on a Pearl Harbor-type event. 

25 September 2016

Corbyn's Victory and the Pseudo-Left

It was all but inevitable that Jeremy Corbyn would win re-election as his party's leadership. At least that was the case as the votes were cast.

A few months ago, barely anyone would have guessed it. The Right-wing of the Labour Party and for that matter the whole of the British Establishment is against him.

What's happening? How did he pull this off?

Trotsky in Exile, the Radicalisation of the Masses in 1930's Germany and Today

Recent political events drove me to revisit an old but stimulating book. Historical repetition is rarely exact, but the parallels are sometimes uncanny.

23 September 2016

19 September 2016

The Media Lays the Groundwork for Duterte's Ouster

Rodrigo Duterte now joins Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the list of Western Media pariahs. These figures are being set up for removal. If they won't go quietly through parliamentary machinations, scandal or some other means, eventually the military or the covert-ops people (jackals) get involved.

Well, the covert-ops people are already involved. They're already working all the angles. They're working assets within the media complex as well as stirring up political, social and economic trouble on the ground. That's true in Turkey and if not already it will soon be the case in the Philippines.

17 September 2016

Rick Warren's Continued Drift


As Rick Warren came onto the scene in the late 1990s many realised there were problems with his teaching. And then came 'The Purpose Driven Life' in 2002 and for several years it seemed like Rick Warren was going to be the new leader of American Evangelicalism.

16 September 2016

Dominionism's Road to Evangelical Orthodoxy


This is a long but excellent article that summarises Dominionist influence in the Christian Right. He articulates the difference between the Rushdoony wing and the Charismatic wing represented by Seven Mountains Theology. While there are direct connections that are missed he acknowledges the influence of the former on the latter and how the movement as a whole is able to incorporate a wide array of figures and movements.

14 September 2016

Western Media, the India Strikes and New Delhi's embrace of both Wall Street and the Pentagon

Millions of people were recently on strike in India, but our media has chosen to ignore it. While other leaders are castigated over human rights, Narendra Modi of India gets a free pass. This is even while his society is being stressed by economic upheaval and the concentration of wealth resulting from his Neoliberal economic policies. Paramilitary groups are attacking religious and ethnic minorities and yet, Modi is the new hero in Brussels and Washington. He has implemented the policies of Wall Street and now India is also embracing the aims of the Pentagon. India is a new frontline state in Cold War II.

The Indian people have not supported this and the bulk of the American population knows next to nothing about it.

13 September 2016

French Arm Sales Under Scrutiny


Who benefits from these leaks? Who benefits from wounding French credibility?

The Human Rights argument falls flat. France is by no means the only nation arming Saudi Arabia and thus helping them to perpetuate the Yemen conflict. As long as the United States is doing the same, there's little to criticise and France knows this. This aspect of the story strikes me as specious. Any of the Western powers engaged in proxy wars, counterinsurgency and in many cases military 'humanitarian' interventions will fall prey to these charges. Why is France being singled out?

09 September 2016

Massoud's Assassination: A Shot Heard Round the World

Fifteen years ago today (Sunday, 9 Sep 2001) I was poking around an old fixer-upper house (actually an old one-room schoolhouse) that I had purchased for us to live in. We never did move in and I eventually sold it.

But I remember vividly the reports coming in over the radio that Ahmad Shah Massoud had been killed. I had been following Afghanistan for some time and knew very well who he was.

The Laos Rapprochement and Conscience Regarding Indochina

The Right will attack Obama over his aid package to Laos, but you can be certain they will misinterpret his actions and their context.

First, he's not apologising for the absolute destruction of Laos and the horrific legacy of the CIA's Secret War which continues to kill and maim people even to this day. The country is to be pitied. Laos has the dubious distinction of being the most bombed nation in history. His offer of clean-up money is not an apology. Actually it's rather insulting and does nothing in the way of taking responsibility for the atrocity. It's a manipulative pittance, and little more.