30 October 2014

Non-Citizen Voting and National Review

Before you embrace the hysteria being generated by the National Review article regarding non-citizens voting in US elections, at the very least have a look at these two posts...

29 October 2014

The Spiritual War in Africa and The Enemy Within

Whether you think churches should be taxed or not is to miss the salient point. This story is heartbreaking.

Here's the slideshow that goes with it:

We are engaged in a true war, a spiritual war and the enemy is among us. The enemies of the Kingdom are enthroned within the Body of Christ, the Temple of God. They are counterfeits making merchandise of God's people- both their earthly assets and their souls.

23 October 2014

In the end, it's all about ME!

I heard this today on the radio...

The Christian answer to cultural narcissism-

Christian Narcissism
It's just the culmination of a long process that began in earnest back in the 19th century. I guess if you stay one step behind the culture you can convince yourself that you're not being self-focused.
That's not easy to do in a capitalist-consumer society!

My Apparent Bloviations or Musings of a Windbag

Recently I read something and saw myself referred to as a pompous windbag.


The Children of Molech

These people are profoundly sick.

And why did this link come to me from a professing Christian who praised its content?

17 October 2014

The Obama-Ebola Connection

I've been so blind. I should have seen it right off.
The lady I'm working for passed through Cleveland Ohio a couple of days ago. She was disturbed that she had entered the Ebola Zone as it were.

16 October 2014

Houston Subpoenas Continued....

Today I specifically listened to anything related to the Houston Pastors Subpoena story and I found the Christian media to be guilty of all the sensationalism and shallow sound-byte reporting they accuse the mainstream media of. That's nothing new.
No one will give the full story.
The city of Houston passed the ordinance regarding discrimination against cross-dressers etc...
I'm not disputing the fact that this is a terrible law. That's really not the issue here.

15 October 2014

The Houston Pastors and Their Sermons



This story is rightly upsetting some folks. It is indeed outrageous.

But I'm always a little suspicious of Christian reporting. Since it is politically motivated I generally find it to be less than truthful, usually omitting some essential facts. It's sad that Christian reporting is generally unreliable.

And that's true here.

14 October 2014

The New Basis for Ecumenicalism

When you venture back into the 19th century you'll find an ever present fear among Protestants... Roman Catholicism.
Little did they realize the pope's political power would soon end. The Unification of Italy was a disaster for the papacy. The popes would strike back at Enlightenment Republicanism and Nationalism by claiming Papal Infallibility even as their lands were about to be taken from them. The Papal States, the kingdom in central Italy ruled for centuries by the popes was no more. And the dream of a Holy Roman Empire, a united Catholic Christendom had already been consigned to the dustbin of history.

13 October 2014

The Aggressor and the Defender: Perspectives Change Interpretation

In no way do I mean to advocate moral relativism nor am I arguing that we should empathize with ISIS.
But consider...

The (Good) Coalition vs. the (Evil) ISIS

It must be stated the United States is an empire of violence. George Bush and Barack Obama have killed more people that Al Qaeda ever did. The United States assassinates, tortures, mutilates and spreads massive violence and unrest. Just because its methods are (at times) less dramatic in terms of television doesn't mean they are any less violent or spectacular on the ground. Bombs kill people. The United States uses destructive weapons that infect and trouble areas for generations to come. The United States has only helped foster violence and enhanced the weaponization of the region.
This is not a case of good vs. evil. This is evil vs. evil.
This is the Christian interpretation of these events. There's precious little wisdom or truth being given to us in our contemporary commentaries. When we think in terms of the US/NATO standing for good and ISIS as being purely evil then we will misread the situation and our solution will also be flawed.
No one will shed any tears when ISIS is gone but how many Christians will say the same about the United States?
And yet to much of the world it is the United States that is the Evil Empire, the rogue state, the terrorist nation and without doubt is the greatest purveyor of widespread violence and destruction across the face of the earth.
Repent or you shall 'all' likewise perish.

12 October 2014

Missionary Emails from the ISIS Frontline

As I said, ISIS is a monstrosity. There's no ambiguity there. That said, be careful. There's a flurry of information out there right now and a lot of it is propaganda. There are many people who are trying to stir up the US public to demand for a heavier military intervention.

11 October 2014

Sandy Hook a False Flag?

DELUSION (dəˈlo͞oZHən/) noun
noun: delusion; plural noun: delusions
  1. an idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality or rational argument, typically a symptom of mental disorder.
There are some Christians so blinded by Americanism and their lust for political power that they have fooled themselves into believing that gun ownership and the glorification of gun culture is somehow a Christian virtue.

Halloween: Pagan, Christian, Does it matter?

updated October 2017

Since it's that time of year again I am providing links to pertinent articles for those who haven't read them and might be interested.




10 October 2014

Righteous Government

I keep seeing Proverbs 29.2 banners being posted by Christians.
When the righteous are in the authority the people rejoice, but when the wicked beareth rule the people mourn.
Why weren't they posting these when Bush was president?
Do they really think he was righteous?
No one is suggesting Obama is, but I'm puzzled by this. What US administration has been righteous? If the answer is none, which it surely is, then why post this now? Is this motivated by a Biblical-Kingdom worldview or a political one?
If the Constitution is the criteria, then Bush and Obama are morally equivalent.
If it's the Bible, then I don't see how Bush would be any better than Obama. They both have promoted evil, deception, theft and death.
Was Reagan righteous? I guess we can't have that discussion because already Ronald Reagan has been elevated to the realm of mythological hero. The real Reagan administration, its actual record and legacy have been flushed down the memory hole.
I love the Scripture too, and love to see it quoted, but woe to those who use it for political ends. They are in fact profaning God's word. They are no different than the false prophets of old.
Vote for Huckabee and you'll have peace...peace

09 October 2014

Ben Carson on 2016: Anarchy, Martial Law and No Election?

Rising star Ben Carson suggests there might not be a 2016 election. The country may be in a state of anarchy.

The Cost of Being America's Ally: Turkey's Pakistan Problem

Of course Turkey doesn't want to get involved in Syria. For the first time in a generation Ankara has moved toward peace with the Kurds. The last thing they want to do is jump into Syria, aid Kurdish fighters, earn the wrath of Islamists and further destabilize the border. And that's just for a start, there are plenty of other issues at stake.
America wants them to enter the fight. They'll fight if ISIS crosses the border, but to cross on their own is like slitting their own throat.

08 October 2014

Skewed Perspectives

It's sad that so many people in Spain get worked up over a euthanized dog but don't react with the same zeal for the lives of black Africans.

The Nightingale Pledge and Financial Realities

I heard a medical professional bound for West Africa declare that "If we have the ability to help people, then we have the duty to do it."
He felt the sense of duty overrides the pending danger of Ebola. It reminded me of the Nightingale Pledge.
Truly a noble sentiment.
Unfortunately in the United States that duty is followed up with the threat of... After we've 'cared' for you, if you do not pay us the exorbitant and extortionist fees we charge, then we have the right and even the 'duty' to destroy your life and take everything from you.
So much for 'Do no harm'.

07 October 2014

ISIS, Jugurtha and Zenobia

Now I've gone over all of this before but perhaps we can utilize some other examples from history to make this a bit more poignant.
In the late 2nd Century BC the Jugurthine War broke out in North Africa leading Rome to intervene. As far as Rome was concerned this uprising, this rejection of the Roman geopolitical paradigm, constituted a threat to Rome's interest and thus they sent an army to deal with Jugurtha.
There were Jews living in Italy during the late Roman Republic. What was the Jewish response to Jugurtha? What was the response of the Old Covenant Diaspora? Certainly our situation in the New Testament is analogous. We too live in an empire. What were their 'worldview' teachers saying about what the 'Jewish' response should be... for Rome to deal with Jugurtha?

Ever Deepening Apostasy

You know your domination is in trouble when 'Bishop' Peggy represents the conservative position.
I know there are still some 'conservatives' in these mainline denominations but what I can't fathom is why they would stay there. I am well aware of the arguments about being 'good churchmen' but you have to ask at what point do you draw the line?
How far can it possibly go before you say enough is enough?

06 October 2014

ISIS Considered in Light of the Constantinian Shift

In recent days not a few 'Christian' leaders have called for a more vigorous military engagement on the part of the United States to combat the threat of ISIS.
Truly a monstrous group, how should Christians respond to this? Is it indeed a Christian position to support the escalation of war, bombing and perhaps even a land invasion?
Politics seems to bring the various strands of Christianity together. Protestant and Roman Catholic leaders are united and most seem to insist a war with ISIS falls under the umbrella of Just War Theory.
What of those Christians who reject this theory as flawed and heretical? What of the Christians who reject the Constantinian model that creates a supposedly Christian version of statecraft? How do we respond? Will we dare to suggest that it's not 'Christian' to bomb ISIS?

05 October 2014

Social Darwinism, Eugenics and Mythologizing the Past

This video came up in some previous discussions. I revisited it recently with my kids. We've been working through the late 19th century and I believed this video to be both pertinent and helpful.

03 October 2014

Texas Checkpoints, the War on Drugs and Highway Robbery

This video is enlightening, exposing yet another facet of this hopelessly corrupt and pointless cultural war. And like the sheriff says, they've failed. The social costs are beyond calculation.
Just as a supplemental note... It's not mentioned in the film but these checkpoints also function as a 'shakedown'. Many people pass through and just like in the video are ushered into a waiting room while the car is searched. Unlike the teenage fools in this film they are released, and it's only much later that they discover cash and valuables are missing.

01 October 2014

The Church in Chiapas and The China Death Cult

I found this short video to be depressing on many fronts. I realize most of my audience will not agree with all of my concerns but for me there are so many things being revealed by this story.
First, Voice of the Martyrs on the one hand is getting information out for which I am thankful. But at the same time, they have an established track record of misrepresenting the politics in other countries. That was true in this video.