30 June 2016

Boris Johnson's Brexit

Charles de Gaulle blocked British entry into the EEC because he was convinced London was a proxy for the Americans. De Gaulle was weary of American domination. Yes, they were glad the United States arrived in 1944 but instead of a liberation they found American dominance was starting to feel like occupation. The US would continue to work against de Gaulle and he certainly reciprocated in agitating US interests.

On what I believe to be a related issue...

29 June 2016

Legalising Corruption


Yes, this is what is needed, laxity with regard to political corruption. The court that ratified Citizens United (which is actually related to this issue) now conspires to lower the bar for corrupt politicians. These are the people that should be held to a higher standard and should face much harsher penalties. Instead, all too often they are given a free pass.

The Bishop of Rome and Byzantine Politics


The media is focusing on the Turkish-Armenian relationship and the politics of the 1915 genocide.

28 June 2016

Abortion and the Wild West Approach to Law

Texas lost its Supreme Court battle over abortion. While abortion is an abomination I can't say that I feel very sorry for the so-called Pro-Life movement and its attempts to destroy it.

They argue that this was about women's health. No, it wasn't and they've been called out. This was politics pure and simple. It was an attempt to undermine and subvert the law... not a very conservative position or tactic.

28 June 1914

An important date in history. It was the catalyst for all that came after.


Warren and Sanders are Complete Frauds


Hillary Clinton would be very foolish to pick Elizabeth Warren as a running mate.

That aside, what's striking here is that Elizabeth Warren has exposed herself as a sell-out.

Call the Bureaucrat-Sorcerers

If the GOP had any imagination at all they would hire some Presbyterians to fix the convention. There's got to be a way to subvert the convention and through some kind of parliamentary procedure force Trump out and take the nomination away from him.

26 June 2016

Corbyn Must Go!

(updated 1230 EST)

Suddenly with the possibility of a general election this Fall the British Establishment is determined to see Corbyn gone. If it was just the Conservative Party picking a new leader (Boris Johnson) that would be one thing, but increasingly it's looking like a general election. That means there's a possibility Labour could come into power. This is further exacerbated by the sharp divisions within the Conservative Party. The country may look to new leadership.

25 June 2016

Cameron's Miscalculation

There's a lesson here for everyone because few saw the Brexit coming. The vote was going to be close, but most people thought it would be a repeat of the Scottish Independence Referendum... a close, but not quite.

The Anti-Establishment is on the rise. In the United States we have the Tea Party and Trump. Britain has UKIP. The Five-Star movement in Italy has just scored major victories. And, Right-wing parties while not quite seizing power (in most cases) are starting to really shake things up.

23 June 2016

Conspiracies in the Hyper-Partisan Context


This article is correct in the way in which it navigates this question. Even if the US has at some point supported ISIS directly or indirectly via means of proxies it does not follow that Obama supports and/or facilitated what happened in Orlando. It's interesting because the conspiratorial element is not wholly disavowed but tweaked. I appreciate the nuance.

22 June 2016

Manchurian Candidates, Keystone Cops or Something Else?

G4S is one of many companies that is heavily linked with the US-intelligence apparatus and the Corporatocracy. Conspiracists will wonder if Orlando shooter Mateen isn't some kind of Manchurian Candidate. Of course it is rather suspicious when one considers his background and the fact that he was well known to authorities. This pattern is repeating as we have seen more or less the same thing with regard to the recent terror attacks in Europe.

21 June 2016

An Ominous Anniversary: 22 June 1941

Remembering Barbarossa

Seventy-five years ago Germany unleashed a massive assault on the Soviet Union opening up the Eastern Front, the largest battleground in human history. Tens of millions would die over the next four years and the Eastern Front would take on a particularly sinister and horrific character with genocide, death camps, and ethnic cleansing. It was a brutal chapter in human history, the real heart of the war and for the people that lived through it... it can never be forgotten.

18 June 2016

Relationships as a Euphemism for Recruitment and Corruption


There are only hints of CIA recruitment associated with this particular programme and yet it is exactly the kind of venue utilised by the US Establishment to 'establish relationships' with future world leaders.

14 June 2016

Feeding on the Corpse of Brazil

At this point it's difficult to point to hard evidence but there are rumours, suggestions and hints that the toppling of Rousseff in Brazil has at the very least been instigated by forces associated with the United States. The case is growing almost by the day.

12 June 2016

Misconceptions About Teen Unemployment and the Minimum Wage

You might see these little banners and graphs depicting the plunging rate of teen employment and this is usually followed by some declarative statement about the minimum wage kills jobs etc...

07 June 2016

The Saudi Gambit


Earlier this year PBS' Frontline put out a documentary on Saudi Arabia. Frontline is a good show when it comes to covering domestic controversies. I have found it to be seriously lacking and rather slanted when it comes to covering anything international. I usually feel like I'm watching a propaganda video issued by the State Department.

05 June 2016

The Feminist Double-Standard on Display in Ottawa

Recently there was a big stink in the news about Canadian PM Trudeau 'elbowing' a fellow MP who was part of a group trying to physically block a vote.

04 June 2016

A Lost Soul, an Icon... with some integrity

Muhammad Ali was an intriguing figure regardless of whether you like boxing or not. I grew up in the household of a boxing fanatic. Even though my father was about as Right-wing as they come, Ali intrigued him. His conversion to Islam and his anti-war stance were not appreciated but when the guy appeared on the scene he could fight like no one else.

He was by all accounts amazing even if obnoxious and outrageous in his presentation. He came across as unbelievably arrogant and yet he could back up his words.

And yet he gave it all up because he refused to go to Vietnam.

03 June 2016

02 June 2016

Two Kingdom Theology in its Compromised Form


This article is an affront to morality and Biblical sensibilities. All too often what passes as Reformed Two Kingdom Theology manifests itself in this type of mostly Sacralist, certainly Kuyperian and loosely Constantinian format. While not wishing to formalise a so-called Christian state it nevertheless champions the legacy of so-called Western Christendom. While its advocates may be anti-Theonomic and so-called Amillennialists, their embrace of Dominionist categories both in the end and on a practical level brings them to more or less the same place. In terms of ethics they might as well be Post-millenarians of the old stripe.