07 December 2015

Front National and the 2015 French Regional Elections


The Front National (FN) has made noteworthy gains in the French regional elections. The shift to the Right is part of an ongoing trend but has been recently buttressed by the immigration crisis and the 13 November Paris attacks.

While Le Pen is probably too far to the Right to take over the leadership of France, the Right-ward swing will likely benefit Nicholas Sarkozy who seeks a return to office. Voters who will vote FN in the first round will likely embrace Sarkozy's UMP/LR in the second. Sarkozy's restoration to the presidency will be welcomed by Washington.

While Hollande has proven fairly loyal to the American project there are aspects of his policy that are less than appreciated. Economically he's a socialist opposing privatisation and austerity. But probably of a more immediate concern is his recent rapprochement with Putin. This action in the wake of 13 November certainly sent up red flags. His attempts at leadership of a coalition would have surely irritated the State Department and the Pentagon.

Sarkozy and the forces behind him represent all but represent a repudiation of de Gaulle, Mitterrand, Chirac and other French administrations that embraced a type of French exceptionalism vis-à-vis the United States.  He brought France squarely back into the NATO orbit and at this point in time Washington wants a strong EU to counter Russian influence and in fact abet the United States in anti-Russian expansion to the east. The US has recently moved to incorporate Montenegro into NATO and is continuing to place troops and hardware in eastern locales such as Bulgaria and certainly Ukraine.

During the 1970's the United States supported the Strategy of Tension within Europe to drive those societies to the Right and a more pro-NATO stance. Whether it was effective or not can be debated, but it did occur and demonstrates the willingness on the part of Imperial operatives to manipulate allies and interfere in their domestic politics.

Is that happening today? Some will certainly think so and there's no doubt it's occurring outside of Europe as well. It's probably too early to tell just how much influence is being exerted on the French system. This period will be revisited in subsequent years as stories are told, documents leaked and secrets uncovered.

Once again, I am not with the conspiracists who believe every mass shooting and terrorist attack are false flag events or even intelligence operations. But I do believe the powers that be utilize these events to implement plans and agendas in waiting. There is abundant proof of this from history. Are investigations blocked, is knowledge covered up? Yes, I think that is also indisputable.

What of the immigration crisis and the recent spate of ISIS terror attacks in France, California, the Sinai, Lebanon and Turkey? With all of these events there are legitimate questions that need to be asked. Given the past history of Praetorian meddling in elections and political violence we need to at the very least be open to virtually all considerations. The news as of late has taken on a sort of surreal quality. I'm not speaking of the spate of violence, but the media's so-called coverage of these events, the growth of the security state and their coverage of the wars and consequences of US foreign policy. It's feeling very much like the false climate which reigned in the 18 months following 9/11.

The Front National has long been rumoured to have ties to the group I often call the Praetorians. Through various organizations the FN can be tied to CIA and Iran-Contra figures, the very people involved in subverting Congress and promoting US imperialism in the form of foreign policy abroad and the Unitary Executive at home. In the past the Front National, which initially included some remnants of the Vichy regime as well as the OAS (involved in at least one attempt to assassinate de Gaulle,) had established some tenuous ties to Unification/Moonie money which has often been employed by the American Right to fund various projects and propaganda organizations.

Does CIA black money flow into the coffers of the FN? Many believe so and there are indications of this from the 1980's and 1990's. As far as today, I cannot say, though many suggest it.

CIA money most certainly flowed into the predecessor organizations like the OAS.

Does this mean the FN is the party of choice for the Washington and Wall Street Praetorians? Not at all. But it serves a purpose. It makes the Right-wing Sarkozy look like a moderate and makes him all the more electable.

There's much more to it than that. There are the dynamics of the EU, the relationships between France and Germany as well as France/Germany vis-à-vis the UK. There are NATO questions and there are great economic concerns. As must be expected, it's rather complicated but I know that many in Europe are growing uneasy as history seems to be repeating itself. In some sections of Washington there are undoubtedly a few toasts being made and glasses clinking in celebration. They've enjoyed a great deal of success as of late.

Of course the Christian Right in the United States has proven quite supportive of these European Right-wing movements. Most Evangelicals are unaware of their fascist roots and this is in no small part due to American ignorance of both history and the nature and origins of fascism. Washington of course has a long history of embracing fascist movements and dictatorships. Hollande is laying some dangerous groundwork in terms of France's domestic policy. Under different leadership, France could move in a very surprising and catalytic direction. There are storm clouds on the horizon. They may even now be upon us.