26 December 2015

The Death of an American Allied Salafi

The death of Zahran Alloush, leader of Syrian faction Jaysh al-Islam has shed some light on the nature of America's so called 'moderate' rebels. The truth is that much of what is called the Free Syrian Army is in fact comprised of Salafis allied to al Nusra/al Qaeda. This has been suggested for some time and the evidence is mounting.

The US has tried to keep the identity of these so-called moderates secret because the truth would scandalise the American public. America is utilizing al Qaeda and is more or less allied with it and prepared to negotiate with its regional commanders. Alloush, an accused war criminal and Jihadist has been involved in open negotiations with the Saudis (under American guidance) to determine either the removal of Assad or the partitioning of Syria.

To the ethnic Christians, Alawites, Druze, and various Shia groups Alloush represents Salafism and the threat of Sharia law.

The Free Syrian Army, a label given to the disgruntled anti-Assad generals with some Syriac and Kurdish allies has largely disappeared. Assad, the Salafis (both ISIS and the loosely allied pro- al Qaeda coalitions) have more or less destroyed the FSA. But the US media has continued to use the label even though it (the opposition to Assad) is now mostly comprised of Salafis and al Qaeda affiliates. They are backed by Saudi Arabia and apparently Turkey. This is no scandal to Washington. This is the plan, as these nations along with Qatar are at American behest and with direct American support flooding these groups with weapons and cash.

The death of bin Laden, the rise of ISIS and the ever shifting sands of geopolitics have exposed the true nature of the War on Terror- it's not about terror at all but a pretense for wider geopolitical goals and the quest for hegemony.

The lie that is the Syrian Civil War has resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands, generated a massive refugee crisis destabilising Europe, has contributed to the absolute destruction of two societies (Iraq and Syria) and has pushed the region and the world toward the brink of a wider war.

The story in Libya is much the same. The US government, military, the corporate-industrial complex and the public that supports these actions have a lot of blood on their hands. Seeds are being sown that can only bring a whirlwind of blood. We have not seen the end of Blowback.

From Russia and Assad's standpoint, they have killed a dangerous Salafi leader that represents an existential threat to secular government in the Middle East as well as Russian interests both regionally and domestically. Morally Assad and Putin are no better than the Western Imperialists, but for the planners in Washington, this killing of a violent Islamic fighter is an outrage. Their plans are being thwarted.

The war is a lie on many fronts because it also plays into a domestic political struggle within Washington, one long hinted at, one with precedent but one we're still learning about. Obama is a sellout but part of his story which will not likely be told is how he has been undermined by forces within the government and Pentagon. These acts would be considered treason were they conducted under a different administration but the United States is moving toward a dangerous instability even as it grasps for mastery of the world. The social and internal political struggles are beginning to show.

The so-called War on Terror championed by so many Christians is a great fraud. This also shouldn't be a surprise. Almost all wars, especially the ones rooted in nebulous narratives are little more than lies and deception. There's a story for the masses but the real goals and objectives are more often than not obscured and outright denied. Christians through their idolatry have been blinded into embracing bloodshed and deception, manifestations of spiritual delusion.