20 July 2016

Day 3 Drama at the RNC

Though Ted Cruz's speech at the RNC was full of lies, myths and distortions I have to say it took some chutzpah to show up, work the audience into a state of Right-wing ecstasy and then refuse to endorse Trump.

He's obviously posturing for future political ambitions. If Trump loses in November, Cruz can say, I stood my ground. If Trump wins and his presidency results in inevitable disaster, Cruz will look like a principled sage.

The party Establishment, so desperate to forge unity in order to generate poll numbers in November was no doubt livid.

It was a clever move but it took a degree of boldness, if not megalomania. He's obviously subject to the latter, exhibiting the typical sociopathy that afflicts most politicians. It also takes some guts to stand up and lie like that... does he really believe everything he said?

I don't know what is more frightening.... if he does, or doesn't.

Of course Trump who is more cunning than intelligent must have sensed that Cruz would posture, so he showed up and stole the crowd's attention.

It's like a car accident; you can't help but look even if it is revolting and inhumane.


  1. I wonder: was it unanticipated drama of a desperate senator, gambling for a future leadership role? Or was Cruz's self-delusional attempt to maintain "integrity" calculated for Donald Trump to once more upstage him? Trump said he had read the speech beforehand and didn't care, and while that might be a blatant lie, it wouldn't surprise me as using his hated enemy to further cement his reputation and turn the party against Cruz. Gingrich, as ever, tried to adapt the situation, but even that old snake can't control Trump's insane political cunning. I wonder if Trump can sap Cruz's support base through this move, and further cement himself as the conservative candidate.

  2. I missed the Gingrich speech. But tonight I turned it on and oh no... not Fran Tarkenton! I'll never be able to think of the Vikings or That's Incredible in the same way.

    I am so very glad that Sarah Palin seems to have finally dropped off the scene.