02 July 2016

The Trump Express

There have been rumblings for some time but they're starting to grow a little louder.

Is Donald Trump for real?

Personally I don't care but I find it interesting because so many Christians have bought into his vision and have embraced him. Much could be said about that but what if in the end, he's just a fraud?

Well, we know he's a fraud and always has been. But what if his whole candidacy is a fraud?

He's not raising money and in fact in many states he hasn't even established a campaign infrastructure.

Even his self-funded campaign is something of a scam. All 'campaigns' are to some degree. It's a real money-maker but Trump is taking it to a new level.

Now it could be that he's that much of a megalomaniac, that he literally believes that his celebrity and media exposure are enough. He doesn't need to raise money or build any kind of infrastructure.

He would be very mistaken but he could be that arrogant.

Or he could be incredibly ignorant and stupid. It's clear that he doesn't possess even a basic understanding of how government works, how the law functions, let alone foreign policy, political or diplomatic doctrine, treaties etc... He's literally the guy at the end of the barstool running his mouth.

I think a lot of people on Wall Street and in Washington quite literally swooned when he talked about re-negotiating the US debt. He would literally bring down the world economy.

Apparently he doesn't even have much of an inner circle. He's relying a great deal on his family members. Ivanka (and perhaps her husband) are apparently the gatekeepers if not the brains.

Or, there's another possibility. I'm not quite convinced but I've been wondering for some time and I find it interesting that others are starting to suggest it....

The whole thing is a big scam. He's not serious.

Some have suggested that Trump will be devastated if he loses. It will destroy him.

I'm not so sure. The Trump 'brand' (if I can use that obscene term) will only benefit from this. Will we have a Trump news channel? He'll do better than Sarah Palin I'm sure. Will there be a new reality show?

Is he just rolling the dice, seeing how far he can go? Has he already exceeded his expectations?

Does he really want to be president? He's got to realise that he'll fail, that he'll break all his promises, that his name will be dragged through the mud and his reputation forever destroyed. He can't win. He either sells out and is exposed as a phoney or he'll end up disgraced and destroyed.

Maybe he's too arrogant to realise it. Maybe he doesn't really want to be president. It sounds crazy doesn't it? Does it?

His campaign is starting to falter, there are signs of looming catastrophe. Does he care? Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe he's in a crisis mode right now.

But I wonder if it isn't some kind of swindle? A big money-maker.

How many Christians have bought into this delusion?

I know one thing... the Republicans have blown it like no one else can. 2012 was theirs and they threw it away. 2016 should have been theirs too and now they're not only throwing away the presidency but run the risk of seriously harming their party prospects all across the board.

Maybe something is yet to occur. We've seen the October Surprise before. I can't believe the Establishment is going to sit back and let Trump take the nomination and become president. If he wins, then there's something else going on, something really outside the conceptual box.


  1. One weird idea I heard was that if Clinton ends up being indicted, or something, the Democratic Party will nominate Biden, and then, from there, there'd be a pretty strong sweep of Trump. Or another is that Trump has negotiated with the Clintons, as a kind of false candidate to set Hilary up, which sounds crazy unless she had planned for all the fall-out surrounding her time as Secretary of State.

    All in all, it's a crazy time. Makes for good books 20-40 years from now, let alone hundreds of history and political science dissertations!


    1. Yeah, I would imagine elements of the Anti-Trump Right stirring up the latter... it was all a trick to get Hillary elected.

      I don't think so... but strange things have happened. People used to scoff at the October Surprise of 1980 but there's a lot of smoke there and it's all the same crew that later did Iran-Contra.