01 July 2016

Tragic Deaths in the Levant: Some Matter and Some Don't

The recent death of an Israeli teenage girl in a West Bank settlement is tragic. It was a dastardly and reprehensible act.

What is more tragic is the way in which Western and particularly Christian media cover the event.

They are murdering each other. There's plenty of guilt to go around and many innocents are dying. Western media doesn't want to cover Israeli atrocities let alone those perpetuated by the Israeli settlers on the Palestinians.... which includes teenagers, children and even babies.
There have been equally horrid incidents and yet they just don't get the attention here. Together the US and Israel have killed thousands of teenagers and children with bombs, raids, death squads and other means. No tears are shed for those teens or children. But this Israeli girl gets special treatment.
The US directly supports Israel with billions of dollars in the form of annual aid and weapons sales. This is well known throughout the Middle East where Israel is viewed as an American proxy.
Today I heard Christian news covering the story. They didn't just report it, they quite literally eulogised the girl. It was also telling that instead of West Bank the lands were referred to as Judaea and Samaria.
Is this there Christian worldview? Dispensational theology?
Not only is anti-Scriptural, it's pretty sick and is evidently committed to lies. In its idolatry of the United States and Israel it has given itself over to do evil and has all but baptised sin.

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