22 July 2016

Faux News Shakeup

Is it a great shock that Roger Ailes has been exposed as a deviant and a lecher? From its inception FOX news has been about appealing to the anger and lust of white American men. The channel has always utilised bimbo-types to appeal to the audience. This is the legacy of Ailes, an old master manipulator-strategist who helped Nixon to get elected. Audiences are ignorant dupes to be manipulated and Ailes was good at it.

There's some irony in the fact that Carlson and Kelly have come out against him when the reality is, they wouldn't be there if he hadn't groomed them for the job. Repugnant to Christian standards of femininity these women obviously are what Ailes likes and figures his audiences will agree. They wouldn't be there if they hadn't projected the slut image that Ailes created for them. Whether they capitulated to his demands or not, they're still women for sale.

And saddest of all, this is the network Christians look up to and trust and these women (Kelly in particular) are revered within Christian circles.

The Christian Church in the United States is under judgment but few seem to see it. The fact that Newscorp's Murdoch controls a significant part of the Christian publishing industry and is considered a trusted voice in the realm of television and print news media is nothing less than reprobation.


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  1. And now Ailes has learned that all his schemes to 'make America great' and his lustful quest for power... were all for nothing. He got that huge bonus when he left FOX. For what? It does him no good now.