01 August 2016

North Carolina, the NBA and the Christian Response


If Evangelicals want to be consistent, the time has come to turn off and abandon the National Basketball Association. The NBA caved to public pressure and moved the All-Star game from Charlotte because of the North Carolina law against trans-gender inclusivism. If the NBA has embraced sin, then it must be rejected and not supported through television commercial revenue based on ratings and/or ticket and merchandise sales.

Turn off the NBA. That would be consistent.

Christian players within the NBA (if there are any) should immediately step down.

This won't happen because Evangelicals like their money and their sports and they want to be culturally relevant and plugged in.

So-called Transgenderism is a lie and an abomination. How far will Evangelicals go to compromise with the culture?

Sadly those that refuse to compromise will likely turn more and more to belligerence and ultimately violence.

Of course the NBA's stance is absurd. A morally dubious organisation filled with some of the scum of society it now dares to try and play the moral high ground? It really is laughable coming from an organisation riddled with racist owners and rapist deviant players. I'm generalising of course, but only slightly.

It's like pharmaceutical companies trying to pretend they are driven by moral concerns. It's just laughable.

The real moral corruption in the NBA is related to the money. This aspect of 'professional' sports is so revolting that I turned it off decades ago. It is fame and fortune and their corrupting influences that often turn already immoral and immature young men into megalomaniacal monsters. In that sense between the money, violence, and perversity the NBA really and truly is a Sodomite sport. This is the essence of what Sodom is... living for the self, a life abandoned to hedonistic self-worship. At that point as per Romans 1, God hands you over to self-destruction.

The NBA is equally absurd because as a sport it is gender based and segregated. Let's suppose LeBron James decides he's a girl and wants to play in the WNBA... another absurd, immoral and immodest organisation Christians should have nothing to do with. Will everyone be okay with eye-shadowed and lipsticked LeBron playing the ladies? I think not. When he averages 100 points a game, won't someone say... "That's not fair!"

And they would be right.

It's funny too how the transgenderism in sports issue only becomes a concern for the male-to-female aspect and not the other way around. Sure, girls playing at being a boy can come and play with the boys. No one in basketball, football or most other sports (except maybe golf and tennis) is going to care. But let the pervert boys (pretending to be girls) play with the ladies... well, that's a problem isn't it? It's all fantasy.

I think Christians will find in many of these cases, if they take a humble stand and refuse to participate, that they speak, but not for the sake of spectacle or political gain, they will find that very few fellow 'believers' are actually with them. Our numbers are much smaller than many realise.


  1. Some of your comments remind me of a non-PC meme that circulated around the internet: it had a picture of Caitlyn Jenner's "Woman of the Year" Vanity Fair covershot and it said, "Men are so much better than women that men are better at being women than women"

  2. Not sure where you're going with that....

    I think you mean Bruce Jenner.