01 August 2016

The Christian Right's Misread of European Homeschooling and the UN


While I obviously sympathise with homeschoolers in France what this article typically omits is the motivation for these legislative changes. The American Right would point to European 'liberals' and their desire to force a secular conformity.

The impulses are not 'liberal' per se but actually conservative... or more properly anti-liberal. This is what happens when you open the door to the police/security state... the same state of affairs so desired by many within the Christian Right. Words like freedom and democracy are thrown about by the American Right but it's all too clear they're not actually interested in these concepts at all. They are 'covers' for their political agenda which in the end is just as statist as what the Democratic Party promotes.

European society is becoming dangerously polarised. The state is worried about neo-fascist groups raising armies of Anders Breivik-types and of course they are also fearful of Islamists who are failing to integrate into society and run the risk of being radicalised. Homeschooling will only exacerbate that situation.

True Social Pluralism affords the greatest amount of freedom for everyone but that of course will mean that some people will live in ways we do not approve of. Remember, they don't approve of us either.

But in France pluralism has reached a crisis point and society is beginning to break. It won't be a good time to homeschool in France or in much of Europe for that matter.

The same would be true in the United States except for the fact that the numbers are too large, they're backed by a good deal of money and even more important, the US educational bureaucracy is near collapse and unable to cope with its own problems let alone enforcing a stricter regime with regard to homeschools.

Groups like HSLDA continue to make noise about getting the US out of the UN. This only displays their ignorance. They fear the US will lose sovereignty and become a subject to the UN. This is absurd and exposes their lack of understanding regarding the UN and its history. It has no power, is dominated by the US and dependent upon it. The US effectively controls the UN through the Security Council which is the only body that has any power. The USA is the global government that has been all but dominating the world for many decades. The same ignorance reigns with regard to the Brexit and the anti-EU sentiment within the Right.

This is not to say that I am a fan or proponent of the EU, but I do reject the Right's analysis.

I'm not a fan of the UN but I don't fear it either. In terms of geopolitics it is largely irrelevant. HSLDA is not really interested in the truth of the matter. They have an agenda and their publications and materials are meant to promote it... and generate money... and thus power and influence.

Again I homeschool my children and desire educational freedom but I don't support HSLDA. Many will sneer at this point and say that if it wasn't for HSLDA and those affiliated with it, I wouldn't be able to homeschool. I reject this argument and even to what extent I might grant it some validity it does not vindicate their motives and agenda.

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