19 June 2014

The Supposed Moral Imperative for Dismantling the Dark Internet

Various governments led by the US are trying desperately to put the internet genie back into the bottle. The internet and its cultural impact have grown exponentially it has become a threat to the security of many regimes.

At present numerous protocols are being drafted in trade agreements and additions and revisions are being made to US security policy that allow the government to track everything and prosecute dissidents outside the boundaries of constitutional protections and frameworks.

They are pulling out every tool they can to shut down the information flow that exposes their activities and is being used to awaken and unite grass roots activism.

They will frame the discussion however they can. They will focus on economics, patents, and markets in order to hide political crimes, social, economic and environmental exploitation.

Now we see they are further laying the groundwork for an assault in the Dark Internet or the Cyber-Underground in order to go after paedophiles and other criminals.

While we certainly wish to see these monsters stopped one cannot help but be a little sceptical regarding the motivations and agenda of the US government when it comes to this issue. Their cyber-enemies who are being categorized as equivalent to international terrorists are considered a great threat. In order to protect themselves these networks of whistleblowers and journalists have utilized the Dark Internet.

In the name of protecting the children the US government will labour to implement command-level controls and seize the operating protocols of the internet itself.

The Internet has helped to foment a social revolution but many have missed the political revolution it has created in its wake.