10 December 2014

The CIA Report and False Repentance

I guess we're supposed to be impressed. The United States government is displaying repentance, and doing an act of penitence by releasing the report on post-9/11 CIA sponsored torture, kidnapping and secret prisons.

Is this news?

Many are rightly arguing this information is already well known. They're talking about the fallout from Abu Ghraib and some of the information that came out as a result of leaks and they don't want to revisit it.

The truth is that when these stories broke about a decade ago, that wasn't news either. Well it was, because there were pictures and the context was such that it made more of an impact. It wasn't so much new information but rather additional confirmation.

For those that have been paying attention, these revelations did not reveal anything new either and anyone with even a little knowledge did not believe the US government narrative that the torture in Iraq was the result of some rogue soldiers from Appalachia. They were enacting policy and one well established.

There's a long history of this kind of behaviour. The CIA and the US government are no strangers to torture and other dark deeds.

Contrary to former president Bush, these people are most certainly not heroes. Like Bush, they are deceitful murderers and it is an outrage these people walk free and have done these deeds with impunity. They are not defending our freedom. That's just Orwell-speak. The truth is we can be thankful that we still have some freedoms left despite the actions of these people and their overall agenda. President Obama ran as a reformer and has tried to change the tone, but in truth has largely kept these policies in place.

And I don't for a moment believe the torture has stopped. The US government tried to review the CIA and clean house in the mid-1970's. Subsequent history has proven that they failed. The CIA just buried everything deeper and in today's ever increasingly complex world, I am certain the same thing is happening. In fact, if you're watching and listening there's a great deal of evidence to suggest it. The CIA is the Praetorian Guard, and in many ways functions as a shadow government. I don't believe this country has ever stood for much of anything apart from hypocrisy but what little there was in principle was long ago betrayed by the folks who haunt the halls of the US intelligence community. They are the worst of the worst.

For reasons too numerous to touch on here, I would argue most strenuously that Christians should have nothing to do with these organizations or those that are part of them, and perhaps even those who profess Christ and yet praise these organizations and their deeds. These are people without consciences, people who have enshrined the values of the reprobate. Avoid these people like the plague and remember above all, they are principled liars.
Those that support them and approve of their evil deeds, including many Christian leaders, apparently either have no conscience or have not thought through what it is that these people do. Their idolatry and devotion directed toward the state has trumped their professed Christian ethics. Theft, deceit and murder... these become noble and heroic virtues when done in the service of the state. Americanism is truly a religion with its own theology and ethics.

The fact that the media would consistently turn to someone like Michael Hayden (a career professional liar) for comment simply exposes the media for what they really are... creatures of the system and mouthpieces for the Establishment. The Right-wing media, going back to characters like Buckley is dominated by these people. They are pulling the strings, but I am also sure that in many cases they don't have to. Many people are already brainwashed and have sold their souls.
The release of this report is of little interest. The response is in reality the real story.