19 June 2015

Nuclear Sabre Rattling and Spin

Increasingly it is feeling like we're back in 2002 and a 'spin-job' is being performed on the American public. Those of us who had our eyes open found that to be a time of lies and manipulation... on a much grander scale than what we usually encounter. That's how bad it was. You spoke in a whisper and you kept your head down because any challenge to the narrative meant you were a traitor.

Western media and in particular American media are utterly failing to contextualize the growing crisis with Russia. They have ignored NATO expansion and the violation of the 1997 agreement with regard to former Warsaw Pact countries. They have ignored US manipulation and plundering of Russia during the Yeltsin years.  

They have ignored US militarization of Eastern Europe, moves toward Central Asia and the Caucasus and most importantly they have ignored the significance of the United States pulling out of the thirty year old Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty in 2002.

American media talks of American Missile 'Defense' being positioned in Eastern Europe. There's no pretending that's about Iran anymore. It never was.

But what they fail to report (and apparently people have forgotten) is that it was the development of Anti-Ballistic Missiles that led to the out-of-control nuclear proliferation in the 1960's. ABM's could shoot down incoming missiles and thus the way to defeat an ABM system was to launch multiple missiles at every target. That meant building more and more warheads.

The ABM treaty of 1972 stopped the development of ABM systems, or at least restricted them, which meant each side (the US and USSR) could quit expanding their arsenals.

Reagan's SDI was a violation of this and that among other things brought the US and USSR close to war in 1983. Reagan basically backed off and started to negotiate. This enabled the USSR to peacefully collapse rather than go down swinging.

Leaders in the Christian Right called Reagan the Kremlin's 'useful idiot' and 'dupe' at the time. Of course that's all forgotten. Today, St. Ronald is the man who 'won' the Cold War. Revisionist history is engaged in by both camps.

Russia's security rests in its nuclear weapons. That's its only guarantee of safety. You must understand Russia's geography, history and psyche to understand why this point is so important to them.

When George W Bush pulled out of the treaty in 2002 (remember the context, America was on the march) and started talking about missile defense, basically ABM systems along Russia's perimeter, that was an aggressive move. It sought to destroy Russia's ability to defend itself and missile batteries can very easily be 'flipped' to work the other direction. What may designated as 'defensive' can in many ways be reduced to the semantics of the moment.

Putin, wicked man that he is, has pulled Russia out of the morass and humiliation of the 1990's, broke the power of the oligarchs, many of whom were allied with the West, and has sought to stand his ground. He's not the aggressor. The United States and its tool NATO have moved very aggressively against Russia for more than two decades and Putin is not willing to set himself up for a fall. It cannot be overstated that Central Asia plays a big part in all of this, something that once again our media fails to report.

Recently Putin has been accused of nuclear sabre rattling.

This is despite the fact that the US has stationed nuclear missiles in Europe and Turkey for many years. Can you imagine Russia positioning missiles in Central America?  Russia tried to put missiles in Cuba to block a US invasion and it almost provoked a nuclear war. I do not wish to defend the Soviets but the US already had missiles on their borders!

Recently the US began negotiating with the UK to expand its nuclear arsenal in Britain. This is a pretty big story in the Left-wing media and overseas but it has all but been ignored by American media outlets... I'm including all the so-called 'liberal' ones that are really just entertainment enterprises and mouthpieces for the Establishment.

And yet when Putin responds to American nuclear threats he's made out by our media to be the aggressor.

We're being spun. Our media is an absolute joke. It quite literally is no better than Pravda under the USSR. To not fully report this story is a clear case of manipulation. No matter what Putin does, he's the aggressor.

The US is moving toward confrontation and frankly it's frightening. We must take comfort in knowing this age is one of wars and rumours of wars, but it's disturbing to see so many blind people and many 'Christians' leading the charge. We were warned of that too.

Putin is not easily going to drop Ukraine. It would be like the US losing Mexico to China or Russia. What will be his response? There's only so much he can do, but he'll do all he can. NATO on the borders means that Russia will in a short time experience a Western funded and fomented episode of civil unrest or perhaps a border skirmish and when it gets ugly NATO will move in. They want him removed.

Russia and the United States are basically enemies again but this isn't a simple repeat of the Cold War. Today's Russia is weak compared to the former USSR and Russia has no European allies except maybe Belarus and Armenia. Greece (and thus Cyprus) may soon join the club.

If the United States keeps pushing Turkey we may find Asia Minor to be the next theatre of crisis. Turkey and Russia are historical enemies and Turkey would rather play the bridge role between the East and West, but the United States won't stand for it. They're salivating at the thought of removing Erdogan. He may move toward Moscow and Putin will be ready to embrace him.

The United States has sought to destroy Russia's ally in Syria and to contain Iran. Russia is almost out of necessity being driven toward an alliance with Beijing.  My, won't the Dispensationalists feel justified in their distortions of Biblical prophecy!

Will it come to open war? God forbid.  

But a new phase or type of Cold War will be very profitable and it creates conditions that mobilize society and create unity and cohesion. Those of us who grew up during the Cold War remember this very well. We all grew up being brainwashed by the paradigm.

Look for growing tensions in Central Asia. The divisions in the Taliban, the US withdrawal and Pakistani-Indian politics will play a part. The expansion of ISIS may lead to some future trouble as the 'powers' move to counter their influence and narrative. They are branching out into Afghanistan, Pakistan and it won't be long before they are in Central Asia.

Obama has been a terrible disappointment to the Left and has proved to be just as Imperialistic as his predecessors but we can be thankful John McCain isn't occupying that office. Many in social media try to pretend that if Reagan were president, then he'd 'sort this out'. How quickly they forget Reagan's total and humiliating withdrawal from Lebanon. He had no stomach to fight Shiite radicals. Instead he preferred to pay them off and then when discovered they spun that episode too.

Wisdom is justified by her children.